Julian Savea Scores Impressively Violent Try Through Three Frenchmen

The Rugby World Cup is currently heading towards its conclusion in England. Three of the four semifinalists have been set, and we have South Africa, Argentina, and New Zealand to look forward to in the next round. This is the furthest the Argentines have advanced in their country’s Rugby World Cup history, but it’s… »10/18/15 10:45am10/18/15 10:45am

Mexico Just Destroyed New Zealand. New Zealand Sucked So Much.

Mexico passed through them. They used long through balls, practically jamming it down the All Whites' throats. They dominated on set pieces. They defended with almost profound ease. They tripled their opponents' possession. And barring one the most unbelievable comebacks in the history of sports, Mexico just qualified… »11/13/13 6:38pm11/13/13 6:38pm

Sad Kiwis Are Sad After America Boated Past New Zealand Boats

This is what it looks like when your hobbit-proportioned island nation — which on its best days is still little more than a sheep-infested birthmark on Earth's backside — coughs up the mother of all leads and lets the U ! S ! A ! roar from behind to claim America's Cup, and wouldn't you know it, on New Zealand's… »9/25/13 9:25pm9/25/13 9:25pm

Field Hockey Player Ends Up Bloody After Getting Whacked On The Head With A Stick

Field hockey players might wear skirts, but that doesn't mean they aren't tough. Check out New Zealand striker Katie Glynn here. She tries to knock the ball away from her opponent, but instead gets bonked on the noggin. Listen to the crowd let out a collective "oohhh" as it happens, and again as it is replayed… »8/08/12 4:00pm8/08/12 4:00pm