The NFL Wins, Because The NFL Always Wins

There's no way that any sensible, thinking person who's not an NFL owner can honestly feel that the league acted justly in penalizing the Cowboys and the Redskins for spending their money and structuring their contracts the way they did during the uncapped 2010 season. But it doesn't matter, because the NFL plays by…

» 5/22/12 5:25pm 5/22/12 5:25pm

Pro-Owner Lockout Site Returns To The Underworld, To Wake Again In A…

Today, a new NFL collective bargaining agreement was finalized and quickly ratified by player vote, officially ending the NFL lockout. It's a banner day for fans, but a sad day for, the official state mouthpiece of the league. » 8/04/11 7:00pm 8/04/11 7:00pm

Brian Orakpo Is A Company Man, Although He Probably Shouldn't Be

Brian Orakpo can't quite find the words he's looking for. But the words he did give us help explain why the players didn't get more in the just-ended labor standoff. » 7/26/11 9:45pm 7/26/11 9:45pm

Jeff Saturday On Hugging It Out

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Colts and Patriots, sitting in a tree. » 7/26/11 4:30pm 7/26/11 4:30pm

End Of Two-A-Days: The Players Win An Early Labor Battle

It's being framed as Bart Scott playing the contrarian, but that's burying the lede. The real story is the elimination of two-a-day practices in training camp, a change midwifed during these climactic lockout negotiations. » 7/21/11 2:00pm 7/21/11 2:00pm

Your Guide To The Post-Lockout NFL World

The NFL lockout is supposed to end this week, possibly as early as today. And Lord help me, IT BETTER, or else I will personally void my bowels on Logan Mankins's head. » 7/21/11 1:21pm 7/21/11 1:21pm

You Can Say "Circumcising Mosquitoes" On PTI, But You Can't Say It…

The gentlemen on Pardon The Interruption exceeded the quota for the amount of times one can say some variation of the phrase "circumcising mosquitoes" on live television today. Cowlishaw, quoting (and imitating) Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, gets in two mentions, but Wilbon never gets his chance. These guys have all… » 7/18/11 7:00pm 7/18/11 7:00pm

Chris Kluwe's 'Downfall' Parody Has Hitler Calling Lockout Negotiators…

Downfall parodies seem like they're somehow older than the internet by now. But when one is made by an actual NFL player, we're willing to listen. And Vikings punter Chris Kluwe does a pretty good job of capturing what we're all feeling about the lockout these days. » 7/18/11 10:45am 7/18/11 10:45am

Exclusive: Leaked Documents Show Operating Profits For NFL Ventures…

NFL Ventures, the league's billion-dollar, all-but-the-kitchen-sink wing that oversees sponsorships, marketing, media properties, sales, and satellite rights, saw its operating profit grow by 29 percent from 2009 to 2010. This was along about the time that owners began claiming the business of professional football… » 7/15/11 1:10pm 7/15/11 1:10pm

Rick Reilly Goes Union-Busting

Rick Reilly popped another reheated turd out of the microwave. It's a variation on his standard deification of golf as the world's most perfect sport. But here's the twist: this time those blue collar heroes of the links are contrasted with the greedy millionaires of the NBA and NFL. » 7/15/11 11:40am 7/15/11 11:40am

Now Playing: The Coldplay-Scored Trailer For Tony Romo's Wedding

The NFL quarterback wedding season is officially upon us, America, and for that, we are thankful — because the quarterbacks in question keep making embarrassing documentation of their weddings available to the general public. First, there was Mr. and Mrs. Flacco in formation, and today, we present the premiere of… » 7/13/11 3:00pm 7/13/11 3:00pm

Would You Kill A Stranger To Save Football?

Time for your weekly edition of the Deadspin Funbag. Find more of Drew's stuff at KSK or on Twitter. Preorder Drew's new book, The Postmortal, right here. Email the Funbag here. Today, we're covering poop, "Chopped", threesomes, and more. » 7/12/11 3:30pm 7/12/11 3:30pm

Exclusive: We've Obtained Audited Financials For The NFL League Office

These are audited financial statements for the NFL's league office, the nerve center of professional football, covering the years ended March 31, 2009, and March 31, 2010. The documents below deal with only one piece of NFL operations, and there aren't any obviously mind-melting revelations about the financial state… » 7/08/11 2:08pm 7/08/11 2:08pm

Chad Ochocinco Threatens To Whoop Marvin Lewis's Ass

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Ochocinco doesn't pull punches on anyone. » 6/30/11 4:25pm 6/30/11 4:25pm

Today In Sad Pittsburgh Headlines

Pittsburgh to honor Ward's 'Dancing' win on Thursday: "The city of Pittsburgh will hold a rally at noon Thursday to honor Hines Ward's victory in ABC-TV's 'Dancing with the Stars' competition." [Post-Gazette] » 6/28/11 12:15pm 6/28/11 12:15pm

This Is The Most T.O. Thing You've Ever Done

When the season is actually delayed, we'll hate the NFL lockout for that. But for now we're just pissed at Goodell and/or De Smith that there's no football news out there. Summers suck for sports, and NFL draft/free agency/holdouts/training camp talk are an entire second season that we're lacking. Which is why we're… » 6/27/11 11:55am 6/27/11 11:55am

Roger Goodell Is Waving His Dick Around Only Because He Loves Us So Much

Roger Goodell said some bullshit yesterday that, I swear, the Serious Football Media would've tsk-tsked as "counterproductive rhetoric" had anything so disingenuous come out of De Smith's mouth. Here's what the commisioner told Tampa Bay season ticketholders in a conference call: » 6/09/11 2:38pm 6/09/11 2:38pm