Nick Young Is Clapping Back At Robert Flores For Ethering Iggy Azalea

As Jigga's Law states, for every "Ether" there is an equal and opposite "Super Ugly" as the offended party seeks to redress their injuries in diss form. And while Iggy Azalea herself has henceforth been quiet about the smackdown ESPN's Robert Flores laid on her today, her boyfriend Nick Young has come out swinging. »3/02/15 2:06pm3/02/15 2:06pm

Nick Young And Jordan Hill Briefly Make Being A Laker Seem Fun

Outside of the Philadelphia 76ers, there is no more depressing (although we find them more darkly hilarious) team in the NBA than the Los Angeles Lakers. That might be changing with the return of Nick Young, though, who has helped the Lakers to two straight wins after missing the team's 1-9 start due to injury. »11/20/14 11:03am11/20/14 11:03am

Iggy Azalea's The New Classic: Not That Terrible, Not That Classic

Nick Young looks to be having the time of his life right now. The cocky L.A. shooting guard's style and humor were a bright spot for the struggling Lakers all season, and the artist otherwise known as Swaggy P finally made up for last month's hilarious premature celebration of a missed three, bowing out on a… »4/22/14 9:27am4/22/14 9:27am

Nick Young Takes Video Selfie While Crashing His Toboggan

The Los Angeles Lakers' Chinese tobogganing trip is the gift that keeps on giving. First, it allowed us to laugh at Chris Kaman's account of the very real dangers that come with tobogganing down the Great Wall of China, and now it's given us an even greater gift: Nick Young filming himself as he loses control of his… »10/14/13 2:40pm10/14/13 2:40pm

Woman Sues Nick Young For Alleged 2011 Rape; Cops Skeptical

A California woman has filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court alleging that in 2011 Nick Young drugged her in a California bar, brought her back to his apartment and raped her. Young was a member of the Wizards at the time of the allegations. [Update: According to TMZ, the LAPD had dismissed her claims before she… »5/16/13 1:35am5/16/13 1:35am