LeBron's Team Requested Extra Police At His Home For Announcement

Remember all the way back to yesterday, when police cars were spotted outside LeBron James's home, leading to all sorts of frenzied speculation? As it turns, the presence of those officers actually wasn't a coincidence—his team requested extra off-duty officers for the Bath, Ohio spread specifically for Thursday and… » 7/11/14 5:21pm 7/11/14 5:21pm

Four Adults Indicted In Connection With Steubenville Rape Case

A grand jury investigating the 2012 rape of a teenage girl in Steubenville, Ohio, has indicted four members of the Steubenville community for the parts they played in covering up the rape. The most serious charges were brought against school superintendent Michael McVey, who faces one charge of tampering with evidence… » 11/25/13 2:41pm 11/25/13 2:41pm

"Occupy Steubenville" Gathers To Support Rape Victim, Call For Coach's…

Protestors in Steubenville, Ohio, today braved crappy weather to rally at the county courthouse and call for further investigation into an alleged sexual assault. In August a 16-year-old girl, in a state of blackout intoxication, was lugged about by two Steubenville High School football players who were later arrested… » 12/29/12 6:05pm 12/29/12 6:05pm

World's Most Exuberant High School Football Promo Features…

Man, there's a lot going on in this TV promo for Fox 8's Emmy-winning Friday Night Touchdown. There's uncomfortable white-guy dancing, a "sax solo" acted out to Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night," a collection of football highlights from schools around northeast Ohio, and lots of lots of cheerleaders. This season,… » 8/14/12 9:15am 8/14/12 9:15am

Ohio Was Founded By Christopher Columbus In 1812, According To Golf…

Luke List is a Web.com tour golfer from Florida, and Golf Channel enlisted him for one of their regular "facts about the community" bumps for coverage of this weekend's Nationwide Children's Hospital Invitational at Ohio State's Scarlet Course in Columbus. Unfortunately, Golf Channel supplied Luke with a bizarre and… » 7/26/12 2:10pm 7/26/12 2:10pm

An Ohio State Superfan Was Hospitalized By A Flying Turkey

If all you know about Ohio is from watching WKRP, you might think that turkeys can't fly. Not so, claims Ohio State superfan John Chubb—better known as "Buck-I-Guy"—who claims one of the birds smashed through his windshield as he returned from the Buckeyes' 3rd-round win over Gonzaga last weekend. » 3/27/12 8:46pm 3/27/12 8:46pm