Rugby Man Trucks, Dazes Fellow Rugby Man

Samoa once again retained its dominant form against the U.S. with a 25-16 win Sunday at the Rugby World Cup, but it wasn’t on account of the Americans coming out slow. Here’s Thretton Palamo absolutely leveling Samoa’s Rey Lee-Lo with a forearm to the face, one that left Lee-Lo dazed. (Perhaps the U.S. was too »9/21/15 11:45am9/21/15 11:45am

Notre Dame Defensive Back Knocked Out With Severe Knee Injury Suffered While Celebrating

Sophomore Fighting Irish defensive back Drue Tranquill left today’s game against Georgia Tech in the first half after suffering what appears (and, from NBC’s microphones, sounds like) a terrible knee injury amidst celebrating breaking up a pass in the Notre Dame end zone. »9/19/15 5:33pm9/19/15 5:33pm

Attempt To Ride Bike In Flood Results In Taking Header On Live TV

If you haven’t heard, the Tampa Bay area’s been under a siege of precipitation for weeks, culminating today in flooding throughout the South Tampa area and even up north into Pasco County. It’s wreaked havoc on the Buccaneers’ practice schedule and most people’s work schedules, and here’s someone who dutifully took… »8/03/15 12:50pm8/03/15 12:50pm

Vandy Player Squares To Bunt, Takes Fastball To The Neck

Vanderbilt rightfielder Rhett Wiseman was a third-round pick in this year’s MLB draft, but after catching a fastball to the neck from TCU’s Tyler Alexander in the first inning of tonight’s College World Series game, we can’t imagine he was thinking much about his upcoming payday with the Nationals. »6/19/15 8:24pm6/19/15 8:24pm

Bryce Harper Leaves Game After Suffering Apparent Knee Injury [UPDATE]

Nationals slugger Bryce Harper left tonight’s game against the Rays after suffering what appears to be a knee injury in the sixth inning while attempting to make a throw home. Harper’s knee buckled on the throw attempt, and while he made it off the field under his own power it’s a legitimate cause for concern for fans… »6/18/15 9:23pm6/18/15 9:23pm

Rugby Star’s Surgery After Televised Broken Arm: VERY GROSS

The other day we brought you the above video of Australian former National Rugby League star Ben Ross getting his goddamn arm snapped in half during a televised charity arm wrestling match. When a big and strong man who made his living dominating other big and strong men let’s out a bone-chilling scream, you know… »6/13/15 1:31pm6/13/15 1:31pm