Texas High School Tried Not To Run Up The Score, Won 91-15 Anyway

The Connally Cougars bludgeoned the Cedar Creek Eagles 91-15 under last Friday night's lights, pulling up just 12 points shy of a 43-year-old Texas state scoring record. That binge put Connally, a high school north of Austin, in infamous company. The other team to reach 91 points lately was Refugio, a school that has… » 10/02/13 9:21pm 10/02/13 9:21pm

Laurie Fine To File Libel Suit Against ESPN

That "major announcement" that Laurie Fine promised for us later this morning, at a castle for some reason? It's exactly what you thought. Fine is bringing a libel lawsuit against ESPN, reporter Mark Schwarz, and producer Arty Berko for their reporting of child sexual abuse allegations against former Syracuse coach… » 5/16/12 9:50am 5/16/12 9:50am

ESPN Keeps Trying To Pretend It Cared About The Bernie Fine…

ESPN's Mark Schwarz, the reporter who spent eight years not reporting the story that a Syracuse ballboy had accused assistant coach Bernie Fine of molesting him, has now taken his own turn in the spotlight on the ESPN Rationalization Tour by talking to Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch. As Deitsch recounts, after… » 12/01/11 5:00pm 12/01/11 5:00pm

Eight Years Later, ESPN Reports What It Knows About The Claims Against …

"I'm not Joe Paterno, I knew nothing," Bob Ley said on ESPN's Outside the Lines. Ley was quoting Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim, who was responding to the investigation of sex-abuse claims against assistant coach Bernie Fine. » 11/28/11 6:40pm 11/28/11 6:40pm

The Many Faces Of Bomani Jones

Paul Finebaum doing what Paul Finebaum does was too much for the Outside The Lines panel to mentally handle. Most notably, it transformed mild-mannered Bomani Jones into a cartoon character. We've screengrabbed some of his more expressive countenances, so that history will never forget. » 10/06/11 6:30pm 10/06/11 6:30pm

A Hank Williams Jr. Discussion Turned ESPN's OTL Into The Morton Downey …

I mean, I think this conversation was about Hank Williams Jr. It was less than a minute old when Paul Finebaum, an Alabama radio personality, said Dave Zirin had uttered the "single stupidest [statement] [he's] ever heard in the history of this program." After that, Bomani Jones made some hilarious faces as the… » 10/06/11 5:46pm 10/06/11 5:46pm

This Is What It Sounds Like When Bob Ley Raps

On Outside the Lines today, Bob Ley found cause to recite a few bars from Jay-Z's DeShawn Stevenson dis track "Blow the Whistle," which Hova recorded during the hilarious LeBron & Jay-Z vs. DeShawn & Soulja Boy feud a few years back. There was little reason to expect that when James said that responding to Stevenson's… » 6/09/11 4:25pm 6/09/11 4:25pm

USA Swimming's Monstrous Coaches And The "Culture of Sexual Misconduct"

An investigative report on last night's 20/20 presented startling stories of young swimmers sexually abused, secretly videotaped, and even impregnated by monstrous coaches. Has USA Swimming created a unique "culture of sexual misconduct," as ABC News would have you believe? » 4/10/10 6:47pm 4/10/10 6:47pm