How The New York Times Fumbled Its Case Against The Yale Quarterback

Last week, The New York Times told a new story about how Yale quarterback Patrick Witt's candidacy for a Rhodes Scholarship ended. While the public was following the drama of Witt declining his Rhodes interview to play in the Harvard-Yale game, the Times reported, the Rhodes Trust and Yale had suspended his candidacy… »2/03/12 12:15pm2/03/12 12:15pm


Patrick Witt Denies That Sexual Assault Claims Played Any Role In His Rhodes Scholarship Withdrawal

It was only yesterday we were disabused of the notion that the Yale quarterback passed up on his final Rhodes Scholarship interview in order to play in the big Harvard game. Instead, the Times reported that sexual assault claims from a fellow student caused the Rhodes Trust to ask Yale for a re-endorsement, and Witt… »1/27/12 11:35am1/27/12 11:35am

Yale Quarterback Who Withdrew As Rhodes Scholar Did So Because He Was Accused Of Sexual Assault, Not Because Of The Harvard Game

There was apparently much more to the story of Patrick Witt, the Yale quarterback who drew praise from all angles for choosing the big Harvard-Yale game over his Rhodes Scholarship interview. The New York Times punctured that myth today, reporting that Witt was dropped as a Rhodes candidate after the Rhodes Trust had… »1/26/12 7:05pm1/26/12 7:05pm

Cecil Rhodes Would Have Given Yale's Quarterback A Scholarship For Telling The Pencil-Necks Who Run The Rhodes Scholarship To Get Lost

Yale quarterback Patrick Witt withdrew his application for a Rhodes Scholarship this week, after the Rhodes committee informed him that he would have to skip the Harvard-Yale game to attend his scholarship interview. quoted the American Secretary for the Rhodes Trust, Elliot F. Gerson as saying, "We have… »11/18/11 2:19pm11/18/11 2:19pm