Paul Rudd Invites Royals Fans To Kegger At His Mom's House

Paul Rudd is from Kansas City (actually Overland Park) and seems like a pretty fun and chill guy, so you can trust that he knows the sweetest place to celebrate the Royals winning the American League pennant. And that place isn't the Power & Light District, Westport, or some over-priced joint on The Plaza. No, the… » 10/15/14 11:02pm 10/15/14 11:02pm

They Came Together: The Second-Best Romantic Comedy Spoof Ever

I'm just a guy, sitting in front of a screen, asking it to make me laugh at beautiful, awkward, charming people who are falling in love. The romantic comedy can be a fine way to burn two hours, but it's a silly genre at heart, with its contrived meet-cutes and drawn-out misunderstandings, and also a tough form to… » 7/30/14 1:14pm 7/30/14 1:14pm

What You're Expecting, But More So: Anchorman 2, Reviewed.

1. When did the tide start to turn on Ron Burgundy? It's a strange thing: Since Will Ferrell introduced his greatest creation in 2004, there has been a relentless drumbeat among the public to bring him back, from cameos on Conan to rampant interview requests to the ultimate point where Ferrell and Paul Rudd and Steve… » 12/19/13 12:29pm 12/19/13 12:29pm

A Big-Hearted Mess. Admission, Reviewed.

Admission is such a mess, its good ideas knotted up with its unfocused and bad ones, that even if you end up liking the damn thing, you may find yourself apologizing for its faults. Tina Fey's first movie to be released since 30 Rock ended reminds us that she can do more than Liz Lemon, and it's great to see her take… » 3/19/13 6:49pm 3/19/13 6:49pm

Deadspin Classic: Watch Artie Lange Crap All Over Joe Buck's First Show

The Fourth of July is all about bright, nighttime explosions, and today we give you Artie Lange exploding all over the debut of Joe Buck's short-lived show, The Nepotism and Dick Joke Variety Hour. » 7/04/10 3:00pm 7/04/10 3:00pm

When Joe Buck Was Still Young And Untarnished By Insults

In the vast post-mortem of "Joe Buck Live," there's been an uptick of interest in Buck's previous comedy-interview effort — those slightly encouraging Bud TV interview specials from 2007. » 6/17/09 3:10pm 6/17/09 3:10pm

Who Is The Lucky Pierre In This Joe Buck Live Rundown?

Last night, on The Laugh Hour with Joe Buck: Artie Lange firebombing the set, Brett Favre cursing, Ochocinco and Michael Irvin, and "Amy Sedaris' brother" in a Braylon Edwards moment. The media dissects Joe Buck: » 6/16/09 4:45pm 6/16/09 4:45pm

Watch Artie Lange Crap All Over Joe Buck's First Show

Even if your cable package went out last night, you've probably heard about the rather tepid debut of "Joe Buck Live." Tepid, until Howard Stern joke monkey Artie Lange destroyed everything Joe Buck holds dear on live television. » 6/16/09 9:38am 6/16/09 9:38am

Joe Buck Tries Out That Comedy Muscle

This has been up for a while, but we just noticed it: If you were wondering what that "Joe Buck Talk Show" thing was gonna be like, here's a "comedy" "video" Buck made for Bud.TV. He interviews the quite amusing Paul Rudd. » 12/28/07 11:40am 12/28/07 11:40am