This Is the Interview About His Ancestor Ben Affleck Tried to Suppress

Ben Affleck really didn’t want people to know that one of his distant ancestors owned slaves—going so far as to lobby celebrity genealogy TV show Finding Your Roots to suppress the segment in which that ancestor is discussed. But we got our hands on a copy of the script—and now you can read the mild interview that… »4/23/15 9:46am4/23/15 9:46am


ESPN Gets Back Into The League Of Denial Game (Sorta)

ESPN is aggressively promoting League of Denial, the new book by ESPN reporters Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru on the NFL's concussion crisis, today. There's an excerpt of the book published on There's a lot of space dedicated to it on the site's front page. There's a story about the book. The brothers… »10/02/13 3:16pm10/02/13 3:16pm

Did Disney's General Counsel Urge ESPN To Wimp Out On Concussion Doc?

So why did ESPN end its relationship with Frontline less than two months before their co-reported, two-part documentary on the NFL and concussions was set to air? We know that ESPN president John Skipper found the trailer for Frontline's documentary to be "sensational" and "over the top." We know that Skipper had a… »8/29/13 4:19pm8/29/13 4:19pm

NFLPA: Players Will Have To Think Twice About Trusting ESPN

The players' union finds itself in an awkward situation in the wake of a report that the NFL pressured ESPN to back out of an upcoming documentary on player safety. Because, after all, the NFLPA is ESPN's broadcast partner too—the players get 55 percent of TV money. Now a union spokesperson says the players will have… »8/23/13 12:11pm8/23/13 12:11pm

Report: NFL Pressured ESPN Into Backing Out Of Concussion Film [Updates]

When word broke that ESPN was unexpectedly and belatedly ending its involvement with PBS's Frontline on a pair of documentaries investigating head injuries in football, ESPN swore up and down it had nothing to do with keeping the NFL happy. According to a report in today's New York Times, that was a bold-faced lie. »8/23/13 8:46am8/23/13 8:46am

ESPN Producer: We Made "Conscious Decision" To "Get In Bed" With PBS

So why the hell did ESPN pull out of its collaborative relationship with PBS and Frontline? PBS's statement says that ESPN news executives were supposed to have "editorial input" into the League of Denial documentary. ESPN's statement says the network backed out because it had no "editorial control" over the doc. »8/22/13 7:39pm8/22/13 7:39pm