"An Absolute Shit Show": Tales From The Wrigley Field Bathroom Lines

Despite the Cubs’ increasingly emphatic insistence otherwise, Wrigley Field was not ready for opening day. Even beyond the expected absence of bleachers, the stadium’s infrastructure was apparently overwhelmed by the gameday crowd, with bathroom lines stretching through the concourse and back out into the stands. »4/06/15 8:45am4/06/15 8:45am

Soccer Team Issues Wonderfully Bitchy Statement Over Pee Allegations

Boreham Wood, in the sixth tier of English soccer, lost an FA Cup heartbreaker on Tuesday night at Carlisle United. Afterward, media accounts and photos showed the visitors' locker room to be a mess, including a tea kettle in a urinal, a broken door, and what was reportedly a puddle of urine on the floor. Boreham Wood… »11/21/13 5:22pm11/21/13 5:22pm

Minor League Baseball Stadium To Turn Urinals Into Video Game Systems

This isn't a surprising development, really, considering how much dudes enjoy video games and peeing. Coca-Cola Park, home to the Lehigh Valley IronPigs—the Triple-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies—is set to become the first sports venue to feature "urinal gaming systems." Those are video games that you play… »3/26/13 12:55pm3/26/13 12:55pm

This Year, Iditarod Mushers Will Be Peeing Themselves Mid-Race With The Help Of Science

The Iditarod kicked off over the weekend, and it'll be more than a week before even the best mushers complete the race. That 1000-mile trek through the Alaskan wilds is tough enough, even without having to take bathroom breaks at rest-stop Hardees or pee off the back of your sled, giggling as the stream crystalizes… »3/05/13 6:40pm3/05/13 6:40pm

The Lawyer For Fred Smoot, Who Double-Donged Two Hookers, Would Like You To Know Smoot Did Not Pee Himself After His DUI Arrest

Yesterday we passed along the news that Fred Smoot, the former cornerback best known for inserting a double-ended dildo into two prostitutes on a Vikings sex cruise, was arrested last month in Washington for a DUI. Among the information in the police affidavit: Smoot urinated down his pants leg while being processed… »1/25/13 4:50pm1/25/13 4:50pm

Somebody's Been Peeing In A Minnesota High School Girls Soccer Team's Lockers

Pee! Pee everywhere! That's what girls from Princeton (Minn.)'s soccer team say they found in their lockers Saturday morning. The pissing bandits haven't been identified, but here are the facts: Princeton's football team played host to Mound Westonka (Minn.) last Friday. Mound Westonka's team used the Princeton… »9/12/12 6:00pm9/12/12 6:00pm