Yankees: Derek Jeter's Injury Tied To Steroid Use. No, Seriously.

The Yankees used injections of the steroid cortisone to keep Derek Jeter playing through a cascade of ankle injuries, culminating in his crippling on-field fracture in Game One of the American League Championship Series, according to manager Joe Girardi. ESPN New York reports that Girardi smiled and nodded in… »10/15/12 3:13pm10/15/12 3:13pm

PED Testing In London Will Scare The Crap Out Of Everyone...Or So They Hope

Looking for some cutting-edge ways to improve athletic performance without failing a drug test? Aren't we all! With failed PED tests expected to be at a record high for these Beijing Games, testers aren't exactly resting on their laurels. They're trying to find ways to test for the next generation of drugs »8/16/08 5:44pm8/16/08 5:44pm for the…