Yeah, Lance Armstrong Will Admit To Doping On Oprah

The New York Times recently reported that Lance Armstrong was mulling a new and bold public relations maneuver: Admitting that he'd cheated at cycling for his entire career, a fact which most sane people had assumed to be true, but which would make him look particularly sociopathic due to vigor and unshakable… » 1/12/13 9:20am 1/12/13 9:20am

Yankees: Derek Jeter's Injury Tied To Steroid Use. No, Seriously.

The Yankees used injections of the steroid cortisone to keep Derek Jeter playing through a cascade of ankle injuries, culminating in his crippling on-field fracture in Game One of the American League Championship Series, according to manager Joe Girardi. ESPN New York reports that Girardi smiled and nodded in… » 10/15/12 3:13pm 10/15/12 3:13pm

Racewalking Has A Doping Scandal On Its Hands

When Alex Schwazer of Italy won the 50k racewalk in Beijing four years ago, he shaved more than a minute off an Olympic-record time that had stood for 20 years. Schwazer was among the favorites to win the event again this year—the 50k race is scheduled for Saturday—but it appears he won't get that chance: Schwazer was… » 8/07/12 7:00pm 8/07/12 7:00pm

PED Testing In London Will Scare The Crap Out Of Everyone...Or So They…

Looking for some cutting-edge ways to improve athletic performance without failing a drug test? Aren't we all! With failed PED tests expected to be at a record high for these Beijing Games, testers aren't exactly resting on their laurels. They're trying to find ways to test for the next generation of drugs » 8/16/08 5:44pm 8/16/08 5:44pm for the…