Evgeni Malkin's Beautiful Dangle Was Exactly What The Penguins Needed

Heading into last night, the Penguins were a respectable 10-7-0, but they weren’t scoring. Marc-Andre Fleury has been amazing, but the offense—headed by two of the best players in the world in Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, and bolstered by the offseason addition of Phil Kessel—had been bloodless. Just 2.06 goals… »11/18/15 9:21am11/18/15 9:21am


NHL's Latest Suspected Mumps Case Visited Children's Hospital Last Week [Update]

The thing about mumps is that it's contagious well before you even realize you have it. Who knows what Sidney Crosby was licking and spitting on before his face swelled up like a decorative, seasonal gourd. But we know what forward Beau Bennett, the latest stricken Penguin, was up to: hanging out with kids with… »12/15/14 12:48pm12/15/14 12:48pm