Mike Tomlin Said "Obviously" 322 Times In Press Conferences This Year

We've noticed that Mike Tomlin likes to say "obviously" a lot, but just how much is a lot? Andrew McGill of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has crunched the numbers for the last four years of Tomlin pressers, finding that "obviously" was the coach's 25th-most used word, trailing only essential pieces of vocab like "the" and… » 1/13/14 12:12pm 1/13/14 12:12pm

Pennsylvania Man Filed Motion Against NFL To Put Steelers In Playoffs

Daniel Spuck felt that his Pittsburgh Steelers were screwed out of a playoff spot after officials overseeing the Chiefs-Chargers game didn't call a penalty that would have handed San Diego the likely loss, thereby giving the Steelers the final AFC postseason berth. Spuck took this bold stance against Roger Goodell from … » 1/09/14 8:15pm 1/09/14 8:15pm

Missed Penalty Gave Pittsburgh A Touchdown (And Broke A Punter's Jaw)

Kevin Huber was a lock for the Pro Bowl. But the Bengals punter's tremendous year was cut short with a fractured jaw, suffered when he was blindsided by Steelers LB Terence Garvin. It sprung Antonio Brown for a touchdown, but it was a blatantly missed penalty that should have cost Pittsburgh the score. » 12/16/13 10:53am 12/16/13 10:53am

Steelers Lineman Shoves Hand Into Opponent's Taint During Fumble Scrum

Steelers center Cody Wallace resorted to gross tactics during a scrum for a fumble, shoving his hand into the ambiguous butt/crotch area of Dolphins defensive tackle Randy Starks. (It happens at the 0:16 mark.) As you can see from the video, Starks obviously felt it. » 12/08/13 6:23pm 12/08/13 6:23pm

New Footage Shows Mike Tomlin Stepping Toward The Field

KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh has aired exclusive footage of Jacoby Jones's kickoff return, sabotaged by a conveniently placed Mike Tomlin. As it becomes clear that Jones is streaking up the Steelers' sideline, Tomlin appears to move himself farther into Jones's path. » 12/02/13 1:15pm 12/02/13 1:15pm

UMaine Would Like To Pretend Jovan Belcher Was Never A Black Bear

The banner below currently hangs at the University of Maine's Alfond Stadium, proudly displaying the names and likenesses of some of UMaine's former players that made it to the NFL. A similar banner has been displayed for several years but according to a reader it was updated this year to remove the name and picture of … » 11/30/13 3:10pm 11/30/13 3:10pm

Why Wasn't Unconscious Le'Veon Bell Given A Touchdown?

Your first thought is, Oh man, he's dead. His head came off or his brains are scrambled and Heath Miller is trying to cover up the on-field camera because he's dead. And then your second thought is, What do you mean it's not a touchdown? His limp, vacated body totally collapsed across the plane! Football is a strange,… » 11/29/13 10:25am 11/29/13 10:25am

A Three-Man Front Is A Late-Game Defensive Formation For Suckers

The weekend, as I watched the absurd denouement of the Northwestern-Michigan game, something struck me as familiar — beyond the now-routine bumblefuckery that inspires the Wildcats to turn fourth-quarter leads into triple-overtime losses. No, it wasn't simply that Michigan drove in the dregs of game clock to kick the… » 11/20/13 8:09pm 11/20/13 8:09pm