Report: Le'Veon Bell Out For The Season With "Badly Torn" MCL

Le’Veon Bell left the field during today’s loss to the Cincinnati Bengals after catching a pass in the second quarter and getting tackled by Vontaze Burfict. Initial reports out of the Steelers’ locker room were “optimistic,” but unfortunately, Bell’s injury is serious, as multiple prominent NFL reporters are… »11/01/15 10:25pm11/01/15 10:25pm

The NFL Fined Two Players For Honoring Their Dead Mothers

The NFL has fined a player for a really stupid reason. Well, we have to be more specific than that: The NFL has fined a player for publicly supporting a good cause that the league also unequivocally supports. Okay, that still doesn’t narrow it down enough: The NFL has fined Steelers defensive back William Gay for… »10/28/15 2:18pm10/28/15 2:18pm

Cameron Heyward Wears Eye Black Honoring His Late Father Again, Faces Bigger NFL Fine

Last week, the NFL fined Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward $5,787 for wearing eye black honoring his father Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, who died of brain cancer in 2006. Heyward wore the same eye black in yesterday’s game against the Cardinals, and the league will likely fine him more this time. »10/19/15 1:48pm10/19/15 1:48pm

NFL Fines Cameron Heyward For Eye Black Honoring His Dad Who Died From Cancer

Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward is the son of Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, a former NFL fullback who died at the age of 39 from brain cancer. To remember his father, Heyward wrote “Iron Head” on his eye black for Monday night’s game against the Chargers. That’s against the league’s uniform policy, so he earned a… »10/14/15 2:04pm10/14/15 2:04pm

The NFL Will Exploit Your Dead Mom But Not Let You Celebrate Her

Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams has an incredibly personal connection to the cause of breast cancer awareness. Four of his aunts died of breast cancer, and last year, so did his mother, Sandra Hill. Williams has dyed his hair pink, painted his toenails, and written about his family’s history of… »10/13/15 1:43pm10/13/15 1:43pm

The Steelers Mysteriously Lost 18 Seconds On Their Final Drive

As a reasonable person who wants sports to be fair and knows they wouldn’t exist otherwise, I’m so glad the Steelers didn’t lose the game because of 18 seconds that mysteriously disappeared from the clock before their game-winning drive. As a fan of drama and controversy, I wish the Steelers had gotten fucked over and… »10/13/15 10:20am10/13/15 10:20am

Steelers Win On Direct Snap To Le'Veon Bell

With five seconds remaining and the Steelers down three in tonight’s Monday Night Football contest, they found themselves on the Chargers’ one-yard-line. A Chargers timeout gave the Steelers plenty of time to think over what play they wanted to run to win the game, and they went with ... Le’Veon Bell in the Wildcat… »10/13/15 12:13am10/13/15 12:13am

The Steelers Faced Four Important 4th Downs And Blew Them All

We’ve written a couple of times about the Steelers’ penchant for going for two instead of kicking PATs this year, and Thursday night’s game against the Ravens presented a few new wrinkles for the “kick it or go for it” decision matrix. There was a lot going on in this game, but the most interesting was four 4th down… »10/02/15 1:23am10/02/15 1:23am