Famous Action-Movie Quotes, As Sentence Diagrams

Remember sentence diagrams? If you're like me—under 30 without a day spent in a Catholic school—the answer's probably no, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy looking at them. Luckily, Pop Chart Lab just released "A Diagrammatical Dissertation on Notable Lines of Cinematic Action," which breaks down the sentence…

Over 1,200 California Wineries On Two Beautiful Maps

Following up their poster of 2,500+ American breweries, Pop Chart Lab has put together two lovely maps featuring 1,200+ California wineries. If you're real hardcore, you can go compare them to some soil maps and impress people with your intimate knowledge of terroir. If you're less hardcore, take a look at them while…

Over 2,500 American Breweries, On One Enormous Map

Continuing its excellent graphic beer coverage, Pop Chart Lab has put together a wall map of over 2,500 breweries across the United States. There are plenty of pockets of intense brewing activity—which are exactly where you'd expect them to be—but what's more fascinating are the lone outposts of production: Big Bend