Is Fasting For Ramadan Dangerous At The World Cup?

It's bad enough that these guys have to play in the Amazon. The weather in Brazil is so preposterously hot and humid that FIFA instituted cooling breaks so players wouldn't keel over and die during games. But what are the World Cup's Muslim players supposed to do now that Ramadan is here? The month-long religious… »7/02/14 2:30pm7/02/14 2:30pm


How Muslim Athletes Deal With Ramadan

For the first time since 1986, the World Cup and Ramadan will overlap. Ramadan's a month in the Islamic calendar—a lunar calendar—in which Muslims, among other things, abstain from food and water during the day, breaking fast at sundown. The fasting will start Saturday. There's a substantial number of Muslim athletes… »6/27/14 3:17pm6/27/14 3:17pm