At Least The Guy Caught Fornicating With A Pink Inflatable Raft Knows He Has A Problem

Reading what Edwin Charles Tobergta's grandmother had to say, through tears, after her dearest Edwin got arrested for banging an inflatable raft in Hamilton, Ohio — again — it's natural to question whether this constitutes entrapment. Edwin, who asked police to take him for help, is more a victim than the raft. »8/31/11 11:30pm8/31/11 11:30pm


This Is Exactly What You'd Expect A Furniture-Tossing Streaker Who Posted Topless Pictures Of A "Friend" On Facebook To Look Like

The cop's smile says it all. In which "it all" translates to '21-year-old Robert J. Baker has been arrested, on separate occasions, for allegedly throwing lawn furniture in a hotel parking lot with some weed on him, running through the streets naked (claiming ignorance of the law) with a swings-at-cops photographer… »7/02/11 11:45am7/02/11 11:45am