Dan Shaughnessy Has Been Writing The Same Soccer Column For 25 Years

Legendary old school troll Dan Shaughnessy has a real strong take in today's Boston Globe about how soccer sucks. There is no way, he says, that the overbearing Futbol Moonies will make him feel guilty for disliking the sport. Further, he says, it will never catch on in America, not least because there's no sense of… »6/22/14 12:32pm6/22/14 12:32pm


Rick Reilly's Latest Self-Plagiarism Is The Worst

The most generous reading of Rick Reilly's latest column, large parts of which are lifted wholesale from a 2009 Rick Reilly column, is that he just wants to give readers something from a time he wasn't mailing things in. But that 2009 column was awful too. Rick Reilly disdains you so much that he's recycling his crap. »2/10/14 10:21am2/10/14 10:21am

Fox Sports 1's Katie Nolan Lays Waste To Rick Reilly

Rick Reilly went on TV yesterday and said some stupid things—chief among them was referring to Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas as Gabby Giffords, the Arizona congresswoman who survived being shot in the head in 2011—but he also said some mean things about Regis Philbin. Reilly's words did not sit well with Katie… »1/29/14 3:47pm1/29/14 3:47pm

Reilly On Native American Nicknames: "Antiques Of That Old Racism"

I wouldn't say that Rick Reilly is inconsistent, exactly. Compare this 1991 column on Native American nicknames for sports teams to the one he published earlier this week, and you'll find lots of similarities. In both, for instance, he goes for the reductio ad absurdum of comparing all such nicknames to racial slurs,… »9/20/13 11:05am9/20/13 11:05am

Rick Reilly Just Wrote The Worst Thing. Let's Remember The Good Times.

ESPN's Rick Reilly just published a column about the controversy over the racist nickname of the Washington Redskins in which, after consulting a few Native Americans, he compares those who'd like the team to change its nickname to those who originally restricted Native Americans to reservations. Seriously: that's his… »9/18/13 6:46pm9/18/13 6:46pm

Columnist Amazed College Football Players Aren't Scumbags

That is the major takeaway from this overcooked word-soup from Rick Reilly. Sure, he bizarrely shoehorns George Zimmerman into an article about "young, urban athletes" who were neither murdered nor murderous, but the real gist of this column is that Rick Reilly is fucking shocked that those four kids didn't steal… »9/04/13 11:54pm9/04/13 11:54pm

We Had A Seventh-Grade English Teacher Grade Rick Reilly's Poem

Remember last week, when Rick Reilly tried to pass off this stupid poem as a sports column? Since he's an adult who gets paid an exorbitant amount of money to write about sports, Reilly was rightly lambasted by most everyone who saw his poem. But we wanted to give Reilly's poetic skills a chance to stand on their own… »5/21/13 2:42pm5/21/13 2:42pm

Jason Taylor Went On CNN And Said Dumb Shit About Drugs

From time to time, former NFL star Jason Taylor has been known to say thoughtful and inspiring things on camera. This was not one of those times. Last night, Taylor was a guest on CNN's (Get To) The Point—a show about baby boomers attempting to perch themselves precariously yet gracefully on plastic stools—and he… »4/05/13 10:14am4/05/13 10:14am