Eagles Unsure How Riley Cooper Got Black History Month On Team Calendar…

Riley Cooper, you might remember, did this. It was a whole big thing, and not even that long ago! Whatever company the Eagles contracted to make their official 2015 team calendar either didn't remember, or thought it was more prudent to try to get Cooper's appearance over with in the shortest month. » 2/12/15 3:45pm 2/12/15 3:45pm

Mike Vick Is Super Passive-Aggressive About Riley Cooper Not Texting Him

It was Michael Vick who publicly jumped to Riley Cooper's defense after the Eagles receiver was caught on camera using racial slurs. The QB spoke out in favor of forgiving Cooper at a time other players were saying they had lost all respect. "We had guys talking about knocking him out, taking his head off," Vick tells… » 8/27/14 4:47pm 8/27/14 4:47pm

The Problem With Riley Cooper's Redemption

There are two legitimately fascinating stories hiding in ESPN's "Hot Read" on the redemption of Riley Cooper, and neither of them are told. One is buried and glossed over, the other ignored altogether, in favor of a trite and vaguely insulting tale of overcoming self-inflicted adversity. » 12/18/13 3:24pm 12/18/13 3:24pm

Riley Cooper Hasn't "Been Through" Anything

Nick Foles, a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, gave an interesting quote to Peter King after a seven-touchdown performance today. One of the day's storylines was that Riley Cooper, one of Foles's receivers—you may recall that he made headlines over the summer for calling someone a "nigger"—finished the day… » 11/03/13 9:29pm 11/03/13 9:29pm

Riley Cooper And Cary Williams Got Into A Fight At Eagles Practice

And several teammates had to step in and break it up—including Michael Vick, as you can see in the photo above, which was tweeted out by Philadelphia Daily News photographer David Maialetti. » 9/05/13 12:15pm 9/05/13 12:15pm

A Tale Of Two NFL Buddies Who Call Each Other "Nigger" And "Cracker"

A fascinating story in today's Detroit News about Tony Scheffler and Louis Delmas, friends since college and teammates on the Lions. Like many friends, they have pet names for each other. Unlike many interracial friends, those pet names are racial slurs. » 8/08/13 10:33am 8/08/13 10:33am

Riley Cooper Is Back. How Did He Spend His Time Off?

Riley Cooper returned to Eagles practice yesterday, four days after being excused from camp in the wake of a video showing him angrily using a racial slur. Where did Cooper go? What did he do? And how did his teammates handle his return? All very good questions. » 8/07/13 9:02am 8/07/13 9:02am

Riley Cooper Reportedly Knew About Racist Video Before It Was Released

When it was revealed that the video of Riley Cooper threatening to "fight every nigger" at a Kenny Chesney concert was sold to Crossing Broad for a little more than $100, many people asked the same question: Why didn't the person with the video try to sell it to Riley Cooper for what would have likely been a sum much… » 8/05/13 9:48am 8/05/13 9:48am

Riley Cooper Has Defenders, And They're Saying Stupid Shit

Whose fault is it Riley Cooper said he wanted to "fight every nigger" at a Kenny Chesney concert? Riley Cooper's, of course. But if you're a stupid person on the Internet, you cast plenty of blame for "blacks" and "the media." » 8/02/13 11:30am 8/02/13 11:30am

LeSean McCoy On Riley Cooper: "I Can't Respect A Guy Like That"

The Philadelphia Eagles are doing their best to cut the wires on the improvised bomb in the middle of their locker room. Mike Vick on Riley Cooper: "I know what type of person he is." Kurt Coleman: "I'll have his back." Jason Avant: "He's not racist." » 8/01/13 4:11pm 8/01/13 4:11pm

Riley Cooper will undergo sensitivity training, but the NFL will not discipline him beyond the team-imposed fine handed down by the Eagles. Also, the maximum fine the Eagles can levy is roughly $37,000. [Phillymag] » 8/01/13 1:40pm 8/01/13 1:40pm

Here's How That Riley Cooper Tape Got Out

Yesterday afternoon, we received an email from a tipster who wanted to sell us the video clip in which Riley Cooper threatens to "fight every nigger" at a Kenny Chesney concert. After a bit of negotiating, we decided to pass on purchasing the tape, and Crossing Broad ended up breaking the story. Here's how that… » 8/01/13 1:15pm 8/01/13 1:15pm

Michael Vick's Brother Puts A Bounty On Riley Cooper

» 7/31/13 7:12pm 7/31/13 7:12pm

Here's Riley Cooper Taking Questions About His Racist Remark

Eagles receiver Riley Cooper met with the media at the team's practice facility a little while ago to talk about this. He apologized repeatedly and said the team had fined him "a good amount of money." Cooper acknowledged that he "was drinking" the night he made the comment but added that it "was no excuse for what I… » 7/31/13 6:33pm 7/31/13 6:33pm

Riley Cooper Was Pissed He Couldn't Go Backstage At Kenny Chesney Show

Here's a quick followup on the Riley Cooper situation: The Eagles have already fined him, the NFL has already formally reamed him out, and a tipster who was at the Kenny Chesney show sends in this email: » 7/31/13 6:06pm 7/31/13 6:06pm