How To Rob A Bank, As Told By An Actual Bank Robber 

Clay Tumey is a retired bank robber who claims he robbed so many he lost count. He plied his trade about a decade ago, served four years in prison, and is now a free man, out of the game and touting his tale of redemption. He’s doing a Reddit AMA today, and it sort of makes bank robbery sound easy. » 6/11/15 3:03pm 6/11/15 3:03pm

Argentine Club President Runs Up In Players' Homes 40 Deep, Robs Them

Jorge Abib is the club president of Argentina's Textil Mandiyú. He is insane. Why, just last night, multiple Textil players accused a possibly drugged-up Abib of rolling up to the players' apartment building with around 40 club ultras, busting into dozens of rooms, and breaking everything in sight while demanding the… » 11/14/14 6:07pm 11/14/14 6:07pm