Hall Of Fame Eligibility Rule Change Bones "Poster Boys" Of Steroid Era

As the Baseball Hall of Fame congratulates itself today, let's talk about how it just boned baseball players. Yesterday, it was announced that the eligibility rules had been altered from 15 years, to 10. So, once he becomes eligible, a player has 10 chances to have the magical 75 percent of precious votes bestowed… »7/27/14 3:40pm7/27/14 3:40pm


Anibal Sanchez's 17-K Game Trumped Even Randy Johnson's 1992 "Hammer From Hell" Game

If we can indulge in a brief moment of Welcome Back, Baseball — still early enough in the season, right? — it’s a joy to watch a sport that puts the ball in the hands of the defense. Virtually any other sport you care to name turns a defensive player into an offensive player as soon as he takes possession of the… »4/27/13 3:43pm4/27/13 3:43pm

Reports: Former Roger Clemens Mistress Mindy McCready Commits Suicide

Information is still trickling in, but Mindy McCready, who at one time was involved in an affair with Roger Clemens, has reportedly committed suicide. In May 2008, The New York Daily News reported she was involved in a long term affair with Clemens going back to when she was 16 years old. McCready admitted the… »2/17/13 10:09pm2/17/13 10:09pm

Mike Piazza Once Hired A "Karate Guy" To Teach Him How To Beat Up Roger Clemens

After Roger Clemens threw a large part of a shattered bat at Mike Piazza in Game 2 of the 2000 World Series, the Mets catcher's first instinct was to beat him up. Piazza thought better of it, though, for plenty of reasons: It was the first inning of a game in the World Series; Clemens was half-apologizing; if he… »2/12/13 1:15pm2/12/13 1:15pm

Roger Clemens Will Teach Young Astros Pitchers Everything He Knows

I hope everyone is ready for Roger Clemens to make the long, painful transition from controversy-dogged outcast to wizened baseball mentor, because it's going to happen. With two bizarre perjury trials and a flirtation with an MLB cameo in the rearview mirror, Clemens is turning his thoughts to coaching. And the… »1/08/13 4:20pm1/08/13 4:20pm

Should Steroids-Era Sportswriters Be Kept Out Of The Hall Of Fame Voting?

Jeff Pearlman has an interview up with Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci, one of the most accomplished baseball writers working. It's long and covers numerous subjects, but it only addresses steroids in two areas: Verducci's groundbreaking 2002 cover story on PEDs in MLB, and whether hindsight makes him view the… »1/04/13 3:00pm1/04/13 3:00pm

A Guide To The Baseball Players On The Ballot Who Won't Make The Hall Of Fame

It's the silly season for baseball, as winter meetings and free agency combine with Hall of Fame debates to take up way too much of our free time. But this year's HOF ballot is especially fascinating—a crop of elite players tied to PED use are eligible for the first time, and will compete with some strong veterans… »12/04/12 4:40pm12/04/12 4:40pm

Who Is The Blurry Guy In This Photo, And Why Did Manny Ramirez Steal His Pants? The Long Baseball Life Of "The Machete"

After Roger Clemens's first start in the Atlantic League, the Associated Press sent across the wires a photo of him in the middle of his lumpy follow-through, pitching to an out-of-focus batter at the plate. The Hall of Famer, of course, had dropped in to pitch for the Sugar Land Skeeters; his opponents that day were… »9/19/12 10:00am9/19/12 10:00am

Roger Clemens And The Astros Are Entangled In A Slow, Depressing Dance

We've posted on and on about how Sugar Land Skeeters ace Roger Clemens may be conspiring with the 44-97 Houston Astros to tweak his Hall of Fame chances. Today the Associated Press has given us a bombshell story—bombshell as in, the charred debris that remains after a horrendous event—about the Astros' and Clemens'… »9/11/12 1:50pm9/11/12 1:50pm

Koby Clemens Will Likely Catch His Father's Next Start For The Sugar Land Skeeters

As we first reported last week, the Roger Clemens Magical Mystery Comeback Tour will continue this Friday in Sugar Land, Texas, as the hometown Skeeters take on the Long Island Ducks. Now, it appears that for his second start, Skeeters ace Roger Clemens may have a familiar face framing his pitches behind the plate. TV… »9/05/12 9:20am9/05/12 9:20am

Sugar Land Skeeters Ace Roger Clemens Plans His Next Start

Frosted-tipped old pitcher Roger Clemens fared pretty well in his Sugar Land Skeeters debut last Saturday, throwing 3.1 innings of shutout ball and striking out two before exiting, and speculation remains that the Astros are hoping to get the 50-year-old in a game or two before their sorry, miserable season comes to a… »8/28/12 3:50pm8/28/12 3:50pm

The Baseball Hall Of Fame Probably Wouldn't Change The Rules If Roger Clemens Pitched A Meaningless Game This Year

Yesterday we half-floated a conspiracy theory that Roger Clemens's impending comeback with the Sugar Land Skeeters was a sneaky ploy to reappear in a major league game for the woeful Astros so that he might push his first hall of fame ballot appearance back five years, to 2017. So we reached out to Bill Shaikin, the… »8/23/12 2:12pm8/23/12 2:12pm