Saying Goodbye To Roger Ebert: Life Itself, Reviewed

When Roger Ebert died on April 4, 2013, it felt like a death in the family, not only because I'm a film critic, but because he and Gene Siskel are a huge part of the reason why. The different incarnations of their Siskel & Ebert show were instrumental in my upbringing, driving home the idea that movies weren't just… » 6/30/14 4:03pm 6/30/14 4:03pm

"The Faint Tinkle Of Broken Dreams": Roger Ebert, Teenage Sportswriter

When Roger Ebert died last week, sportswriters were among the many to pay tribute. The beloved movie critic's words, Will Leitch wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times, "felt like LIFE." As it turns out, Ebert’s writing life started in sports. In the late 1950s, the News-Gazette, Ebert’s hometown paper in Champaign, Ill.,… » 4/12/13 11:15am 4/12/13 11:15am

Roger Ebert Is Dead

Legendary movie critic Roger Ebert has passed away at the age of 70. He had been battling cancer for the past decade. If you have time today, do go read Will Leitch on his correspondence with Ebert from a couple years back (a sampling: "I would love to say that I enjoyed fornicating on the Daily Illini desk, but if I… » 4/04/13 4:05pm 4/04/13 4:05pm

A Compendium Of Horrible, Horrible Twitter Poetry

Twitter is an inherently silly and disposable means of communication. Oh, but there are people out there who take their tweets seriously. Very seriously. AFFIRMED. » 7/21/10 1:00pm 7/21/10 1:00pm

Stories That Don't Suck: Death On The Track, Ebert's Silence, NASCAR's…

Every week, I'll excerpt a handful of stories — old and new, sports and otherwise, relevant and merely sublime — that I urge you to read for one reason or another. Send any suggestions to » 2/13/10 6:10pm 2/13/10 6:10pm

Jay Mariotti: "Roger Ebert Can Kiss My Ass"

Remember back in the summer when venerable Chicago Sun-Times movie critic, Roger Ebert wrote that scathing farewell letter to Jay Mariotti? Jay does — and he's finally responded. » 1/22/09 11:00am 1/22/09 11:00am