Here Comes The Federer-Nadal To Possibly End All Federer-Nadals

Maybe every Federer-Nadal is a Federer-Nadal for the ages, and when we look back we'll marvel at our luck that these two comets coincided for a decade. But let's say with a bit of boldness that the upcoming Federer-Nadal — in a date punched when they respectively dispatched Andy Murray and Grigor Dimitrov in the… » 1/22/14 8:47pm 1/22/14 8:47pm

Roger Federer Is Out At Wimbledon In Craziest Second Round Ever

Something called Sergiy Stakhovsky just defeated Roger Federer in four sets at Wimbledon, which is less a tournament at this point than it is one of those Agatha Christie books where bodies keep piling up around some quaint English vicarage. Where do we start? Rafael Nadal got knocked out Monday. Maria Sharapova lost… » 6/26/13 3:44pm 6/26/13 3:44pm

David Foster Wallace's Interview With Roger Federer Lasted 20 Minutes

David Foster Wallace's 2006 Times Magazine profile of Roger Federer is one of sports journalism's most famous write-arounds. Or, as Wallace wrote himself, the piece was "a spectator’s experience of Federer, and its context." But the Times flew Wallace out to Wimbledon, so surely he got to spend some time with Federer,… » 5/24/13 3:07pm 5/24/13 3:07pm

Roger Federer Finds "Bizarre Death Threat" Mildly Distracting

Roger Federer is in China, playing in the Shanghai Masters tournament along with most of the upper-tier tennis circuit. Yesterday, he had a first round bye, so he didn't play any tennis, and he also wasn't killed. The last bit wouldn't qualify as news were it not for the death threat that came Federer's way on » 10/07/12 2:20pm 10/07/12 2:20pm

This Picture Was Actually Published Above A Mike Lupica Column

I was all set to read this Mike Lupica column about Michael Phelps with the headline "Michael Phelps and Roger Federer join ranks of Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan as greatest in history of their sport" to see what Mikey had to say. Then I saw the picture. And then I read the first sentence. » 8/05/12 3:10pm 8/05/12 3:10pm

Come Discuss Federer-Murray II: The Quickening With Us Here

Less than a month after Britain's shining star of the tennis world Andy Murray had Wimbledon dreams shot down by Roger Federer, the two match up again today at Centre Court. Will things work out in the home crowd's favor this time, or will Murray again be relegated to "Scotsman"? Will Roger Federer achieve the dream… » 8/05/12 9:16am 8/05/12 9:16am

The Day Britain Finally Learned To Love Andy Murray For Andy Murray

British tennis fans are kind of awful, and I say this as a British tennis fan. It's been noted recently that the crowd on Centre Court have a lower bar for what constitutes a brilliant joke than even the audience at a Russell Brand show. Sneezing line judges and pigeons on court are enough to get them rolling in the… » 7/09/12 2:10pm 7/09/12 2:10pm

A Nine-Year-Old Bet That Roger Federer Would Win Seven Wimbledons Just …

Way back in 2003, the year Roger Federer won his first Grand Slam event at All England, a shut-in named Nick Newlife wrote to bookmaker William Hill, asking what kind of odds he could get on the young Swiss to win seven Wimbledon titles by 2019. It was a "unique" bet, one not even the legendarily futures-obsessed English … » 7/09/12 10:15am 7/09/12 10:15am