Here's Video Of Roy Jones Jr. Getting Knocked Pretty-Much Lifeless In Moscow Today

Roy Jones Jr. was, at one time, the best boxer on Earth. That time has long since gone. But in his light-heavyweight non-title bout against Russian Denis Lebedev in Moscow today, Jones made it deep into the third minute of the 10th round. He was prevented from reaching the final bell, though. »5/21/11 3:15pm5/21/11 3:15pm

Don King Embroiled In Knockdown Court Battle With Puerto Rican Taco Stand

Having tired of fighting Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis in court, Don King has set his sights on a new opponent – Delia Esquilín-Mendoza, the owner of a taco shop in Puerto Rico. On March 1 2003, Delia's Tacos intercepted a closed-circuit transmission of the Roy Jones Jr.- Jon Ruiz fight and deprived King of roughly zero… »3/07/11 12:35pm3/07/11 12:35pm

Fight Night: Roy Jones Jr. Takes On A Different Sort Of White Meat

Apologies to Joe Calzaghe, the man opposing Jones tonight, who just happens to be lightweight champion of the world. In tonight's matchup, Calzaghe chases down the big bag of money that the cachet of Jones still brings into the ring. For Jones, he'll get another shot at a title. Tonight's fight is on HBO PPV, which… »11/08/08 7:05pm11/08/08 7:05pm