You Can Tell The NFL's New Proposal To Help Limit Concussions Is Good By The People That Hate It

Recently, the British Journal of Sports Medicine published a "Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport," which sought to define concussions, lay out diagnostic procedures, differentiate between types of concussion victim (teenage athletes vs. adult athletes, for example), and determine how best to manage the risk… »3/16/13 11:30am3/16/13 11:30am

North Korea Invented Its Own, Totally Different Way Of Scoring Basketball Games

Dennis Rodman's bizarre visit to North Korea has led to many dissections of North Korea's strange relationship with basketball—or rather, the Kim family's strange relationship with basketball—and one happy consequence is the opportunity to remember that, despite the Kim family's love for the NBA, they sometimes ignore… »3/02/13 3:40pm3/02/13 3:40pm

Eliminating Kickoffs Would Ruin Football, According To A Kicker And A Kick Return Specialist

Yesterday, we discussed the possibility that the NFL will do away with kickoffs and instead institute a punt-or-4th-and-long option. On its face, the idea seems logical, maybe even preferable, if not necessarily a top-priority reform. The NFL can frame it as an issue of player safety, but truthfully, the increasing… »12/08/12 10:30am12/08/12 10:30am

Should Golf Be Allowed To Grow Up? The USGA Says No.

Let us, for a moment, discuss the intricacies of golf. Putting is perhaps the most difficult aspect of the game. One inch to the left, you win; one more to the right, you lose. Good putting requires an incredibly smooth stroke. In recent years, some players have started to use long putters—which they press to their… »11/28/12 6:30pm11/28/12 6:30pm

Geno Auriemma Wants To Lower The Rim In Women's Basketball

Auriemma is about the only man in the world who can say this and not have it come off as condescending, but the UConn coach has a radical proposal he plans to present to the rules committee next spring—he'd like to see more scoring, fewer missed layups, and the way to do that is to lower the hoop for women's college… »10/24/12 11:20am10/24/12 11:20am

Here Are Some NFL Rule Changes, Including A Welcome One About Field Color

The Competition Committee passed a few rule changes at their annual meetings, not insignificant stuff. Kickoffs are moving and we're getting more booth reviews, and we'll get to that. But the most noteworthy of all is Proposal 5, which ensures that football will be played on green fields for the foreseeable future. »3/22/11 2:15pm3/22/11 2:15pm