Sacramento Kings Accept Bitcoin Now, Still Can't Buy a Bucket

The Sacramento Kings will become the first pro sports team to accept BitCoin. Great news for all nine of their fans. » 1/16/14 10:46am 1/16/14 10:46am

This Man Was Arrested For Throwing A Spear At A Car

Jeffrey Jones, 56, was arrested on Tuesday night for throwing a spear at a car. After close analysis of his mugshot... he looks like the kind of guy who would own a spear. » 6/20/13 6:25pm 6/20/13 6:25pm

No One Notices The Spurs Because No One Notices San Antonio

Here's a working barstool-grade theory as to why, during its dynastic run to four (perhaps soon five) titles since 1999, America still embraces the San Antonio Spurs with a yawn and a why are you still here? squint. This phenomenon has flustered if not baffled sports cognoscenti for years. But they play pure,… » 6/08/13 4:11pm 6/08/13 4:11pm

The Maloofs Claim They Are "100 Percent Committed" To Sacramento

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: the Maloofs are lying, of course. » 4/02/12 4:30pm 4/02/12 4:30pm

Why The Deal To Keep The Kings In Sacramento May Be Collapsing

"Elation now" crowed the Sacramento Bee when the Maloof Brothers, David Stern, and Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson emerged from lockdown negotations with a plan to build a new arena and keep the Kings from moving to Anaheim. The plan was a good one, as far as publically funded stadiums go: the team and the arena owner… » 3/29/12 6:45pm 3/29/12 6:45pm

Sacramento Man Arrested For Jumping On Top Of Police Car Produces…

Jesse James Thomas was wearing a sombrero and a boxing glove at the time of his arrest on suspicion of being drunk in public, but they don't appear in this mugshot. That would have gilded the lily. [Jalopnik, h/t Pat] » 3/28/12 5:50pm 3/28/12 5:50pm

Kings Have At Least One More Year Of Mediocre Basketball Ahead Of Them…

"We're going to stay in Sacramento for another year," Kings co-owner George Maloof said today. "We appreciate [the fans'] loyalty to the franchise, and we're going to give Mayor [Kevin] Johnson another try to hopefully bring his vision to reality with a new arena." The vision had better include money. [SI] » 5/02/11 12:35pm 5/02/11 12:35pm

The Brief Local Nightmare Of A City Whose Mayor Is Kevin Johnson Is…

Emma, your esteemed video editor, remarked earlier today, as the Deadspin team was on its way back from the Glenn Ligon exhibition at the Whitney, that we just had seen a strange relic. » 4/22/11 7:15pm 4/22/11 7:15pm

Kevin Johnson's Fiancée Accused Of Covering Up His Shady Past

"A congressional investigation of the volunteer organization AmeriCorps contains charges that D.C. schools chief Michelle Rhee handled "damage control" after allegations of sexual misconduct against her now fiance, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson..."[Washington Examiner] » 11/20/09 12:47pm 11/20/09 12:47pm