No One's Responsible For Chip Kelly's Offense But Chip Kelly

In addition to a concussion, Eagles QB Sam Bradford also suffered a separated shoulder in Sunday’s loss to Miami, according to ESPN. It looks like it’ll be Mark Sanchez under center for at least the next game, which, given Bradford’s play, may or may not be a good thing as Philadelphia desperately needs to string some… »11/19/15 9:52am11/19/15 9:52am


Chip Kelly Thinks The NFL Is Wrong About Terrell Suggs's Hit On Sam Bradford

This morning, the NFL confirmed that Terrell Suggs’s semi-late hit on Sam Bradford was incorrectly called roughing the passer, despite the Eagles’ belief that Suggs was intentionally targeting Bradford’s surgically repaired knee. Now Chip Kelly says the NFL’s interpretation of the play was incorrect, and that the… »8/24/15 4:12pm8/24/15 4:12pm

Chip Kelly Says He Never Wanted To Trade Sam Bradford, Is Probably Lying

The first round of the NFL draft ended up being kind of butt. There were no major trades, no truly shocking picks, and no players willing to step up and punch Roger Goodell in the dick. Our best chance at some excitement was always going to be Chip Kelly making a madman trade for a top pick, but even if he wasn’t able… »5/01/15 10:19am5/01/15 10:19am

Chip Kelly Says He Wanted Sam Bradford And Nick Foles

The Eagles knew they were taking a risk when they stripped personnel power from GM Howie Roseman and handed it to Chip Kelly, who might be brilliant or crazy. Owner Jeffrey Lurie admitted as much in comments at the owners' meeting yesterday, and said the team could have been content racking up 10-win seasons and early… »3/25/15 4:28pm3/25/15 4:28pm

The Lions Received An "Extra" Timeout In A Game They Won With 10 Seconds Left

With St. Louis driving into Detroit territory late in a tie game, a broken play on second down saw Rams QB Sam Bradford scramble to the right side. With Detroit down to their final timeout, Bradford smartly slid rather than run out of bounds, to keep the clock going. There was 2:38 left, so the Rams could just run… »9/11/12 4:30pm9/11/12 4:30pm