76ers Win Right To Trade Somebody For Two Second-Rounders In 2017

Well, it was worth it. At long last, it was worth it. The two forfeited seasons, the lottery picks spent on bum legs, the young players traded for assets, the assets traded for lesser assets, the draft lottery letting the Heat and Lakers keep their picks instead of shipping them to Philly, the TED talks, the… »5/19/15 10:00pm5/19/15 10:00pm

At Long Last The 76ers Accept That, Yes, It's Finally Time To Rebuild

You can imagine the bittersweet mixture of sadness, gratitude, and relief 76ers fans must be feeling this evening. Today, in a flurry of moves executed just before the NBA's annual trading deadline, general manager and president of basketball operations Sam Hinkie finally pulled the plug on a beloved but aging core of… »2/19/15 10:23pm2/19/15 10:23pm

Terrible Basketball Column Sends Us Through The Looking Glass

Writing parodies of a terrible sports columns is a thing that all the cool kids on the internet like to do these days. On Sunday, our friend @FanSince09 wrote one such column at Zoo With Roy about the Philadelphia 76ers' decision to hire the analytics-driven Sam Hinkie as their general manager. It was a fun piece of… »5/13/13 11:30am5/13/13 11:30am