Our Pimento Cheese Is Better Than Augusta National's

The Masters Tournament started yesterday (Go Tiger! ...oh, never mind.), and Bon Appétit's Adam Rapoport is chatting about Masters foods, and dammit, that's a perfectly good excuse to remind you that our pimento cheese karate-chops the shriveled, linen-suit-clad nards off the orange sludge they're serving at Augusta… »4/11/14 1:39pm4/11/14 1:39pm

How To Make A Simple Goddamn Grilled-Cheese Sandwich

Everywhere we are gussying up our grilled-cheese sandwiches. In fancy restaurants and home kitchens and delicatessens and those insufferable quasi-fast-food joints with the accented, ambiguously Euro names and the friggin' Ray LaMontagne music on the PA and the cutesy, bottled alterna-soda in the cooler—everywhere,… »2/15/14 1:00pm2/15/14 1:00pm

How To Make A Fish Sandwich. (You're Not Too Good For A Fish Sandwich.)

Oh, what, so you think you're too "good" for a fish sandwich? Oh, so fish sandwiches are for "weird leathery shore-people" with "wiry fisherman physiques" and "hairdos from the mid-1970s" and "scars from old knife fights"? Oh, so you "didn't actually say any of that" and I am "having this argument with myself" and… »11/16/13 1:15pm11/16/13 1:15pm

The Great American Menu: Foods Of The States, Ranked And Mapped

What are the United States' best regional foodstuffs? Its worst? These are the questions that bedevil the mind of man—but no longer! For here, we have ranked them. Rigorously scientific (not), ardently researched (nope), and scrupulously fair (not even a little bit): this is the Great American Menu! »10/17/13 2:36pm10/17/13 2:36pm

How To Make A Reuben Sandwich And Embrace Entropy

It's good to live a tidy, orderly life. Clean shirt, clean face, sensibly organized underwear drawer (I subcategorize alphabetically by superhero!), and so on. People like tidiness; they trust it. It makes things easier. Food, too, can be tidy: the neat, clean geometry of sushi; the artful towers of nouvelle cuisine;… »9/21/13 12:00pm9/21/13 12:00pm