Unforgivable: A Million Ways To Die In The West, Reviewed.

1. Think about how much of an indictment it is to say, "All the good jokes are in the trailer" about a movie. Trailers, at most, are three minutes long. A Million Ways to Die in the West runs 116 minutes. That is a ton of time to comb through to dig out a Family Guy-esque gag about running into Emmet Brown and his… » 5/30/14 11:33am 5/30/14 11:33am

Sarah Silverman Helps Kick Off Deadspin's Second Attempt At Comedy Week

Some of you may notice how we've attempted to initiate some theme weeks into our editorial content this past year, including topics that have little or no connection to sports whatsoever. Last April's Comedy Week was our first trip into this uncharted territory, done in conjunction with our former friend Sarah… » 8/08/11 12:30pm 8/08/11 12:30pm

And "Comedy Week" Comes To A Close With An Angry Email From Sarah…

Predictably, my littler temper tantrum about the Sarah Silverman chat did not escape her notice. She justifiably tore me a new asshole for my comments. Let's excerpt a portion of her email. » 4/23/10 2:55pm 4/23/10 2:55pm

In Case You Missed The Horrible Live Chat With Sarah Silverman, Here's…

From dealing with her handlers or her publicist or assistant or handbag holder or whatever other title given to the people hired to manage Sarah Silverman's Literary Life, this live chat, dear loathsome readers, sucked. » 4/21/10 3:25pm 4/21/10 3:25pm

Now's The Time To Talk To Sarah Silverman....

Sarah's down in the comments, awaiting your scorn and scrutiny. Ask her about pooping, talk about your favorite Jews, be insensitive and nasty. You know, be yourselves. Be sure to read the excerpt, buy the book, save the whales. » 4/21/10 12:45pm 4/21/10 12:45pm

Excerpt From Sarah Silverman's The Bedwetter

The following is taken from Chapter 1 of Sarah Silverman's memoir, The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee. Chat with her in a followup post. » 4/21/10 12:40pm 4/21/10 12:40pm

Sarah Silverman Will Try To Chat Live On Deadspin at 12:40ish

She needs to familiarize herself with the commenting system but, I am told, she will be ready to go at this time after a brief tutorial. Please come. Bring the usual level of displaced anger. Everyone's having fun.[TheBedwetter] » 4/21/10 11:15am 4/21/10 11:15am


A reader sent this along claiming he could see a sliver of Eck Toe peeking out of those white shorts during this MLB Network interview (I do agree — very out of place for this segment) but I do not. » 4/20/10 6:50pm 4/20/10 6:50pm

Welcome To Deadspin's "Comedy Week"

This week, Deadspin will celebrate the release of Sarah Silverman's book, "The Bedwetter," with an excerpt and a friendly chat with you weirdos. To commemorate this fine event, we've also brought in more funny people. » 4/19/10 1:50pm 4/19/10 1:50pm

Jimmy Kimmel Would You Like To Watch Those Hands, Buddy

A reader sends in this picture from Sports Illustrated's All-Star Game photo gallery. In case you can't tell by the personalized jersey, that's Harold Reynolds giving a big ole hug to Sarah Silverman, extremely funny comic and reason every Jewish single male in the country has a dart board with Jimmy Kimmel's face on… » 7/31/06 3:45pm 7/31/06 3:45pm