How To Make A Pipe Out Of ESPN The Magazine's Stupid Weed-Panic Issue

The latest issue of ESPN The Magazine contains a feature by Mark Schlabach about college football's marijuana "problem." It is, as we've noted, one of the most useless sports-and-drugs stories ever committed to paper. But not entirely useless! The video above provides step-by-step instructions for turning your… » 4/24/12 6:51pm 4/24/12 6:51pm

Dope Scandal: Why Is ESPN's Drugs-In-College-Football Story So Stupid?

Honestly, I feel bad for everyone involved in the making of this ESPN The Magazine feature about college football's marijuana "problem," which has to be the stupidest sports-and-dope story I've read in an allegedly reputable outlet since the Yahoo guy went running around the Syracuse campus with a pee cup. I feel bad… » 4/18/12 5:32pm 4/18/12 5:32pm

The Case Against "The Case Against Lance Armstrong"

Maybe you've heard about Sports Illustrated's exciting new Lance Armstrong feature. At bottom, it's a story about a corrupt man who gets away with cheating because the people who'd ordinarily police it have decided to look the other way. » 1/20/11 4:15pm 1/20/11 4:15pm

Get Over Yourself, Narc

Here's New York Times drug-sniffing dog Michael S. Schmidt, licking his own crotch over his Jose Guillen-HGH story: "With a lineup filled with castoffs, they have become a remarkable October story, but the Guillen disclosure may put at least a small dent in the positive attention they have generated." » 10/29/10 10:35am 10/29/10 10:35am