After Mendenhall, Scoop Jackson Provides A Handy Guide To ESPN's…

Rashard Mendenhall wrote some thoughtless shit on Twitter after Bin Laden's death last week. Whatever you think about American military operations, or the popular reaction to the US mission, it's fair to say that Mendenhall's tweets didn't represent an athlete's thoughtful examination of jingoism and US foreign… » 5/08/11 2:00pm 5/08/11 2:00pm

Scoop Jackson And (Someone Else's) Orange Roundie

Let's say, hypothetically speaking, that, oh, Mike Lupica wrote a story for Esquire in which he discussed a concept he had discovered "on the Internet" called "The Ewing Theory." He then wrote a whole 4,000-word piece in which he borrowed heavily from the "Internet concept," but never actually mentioned whose concept… » 12/01/06 12:45pm 12/01/06 12:45pm

Whitlock Tells Us How He Really Feels About Scoop

In case there were any lingering doubt what columnist Jason Whitlock thinks of columnist Scoop Jackson, allow Whitlock's Kansas City Star column should clear it up for you. In a column about a study showing how white the sports journalism industry is and what that means, or doesn't mean, Whitlock… » 7/20/06 3:45pm 7/20/06 3:45pm