The Sportswriter Who Left Her Job After Finding A Million Dollars

You may remember Selena Roberts from her days at The New York Times, where she became notorious for her crusading columns about the Duke lacrosse rape case. Or maybe you know her from her stint as a senior writer at Sports Illustrated, where she was part of the rotation that replaced Rick Reilly in the magazine's… » 7/15/13 2:03pm 7/15/13 2:03pm

Central Figure In Selena Roberts's Nothingburger Auburn Story Pleads…

Mike McNeil, the central figure in Selena Roberts's much-bruited story about the University of Auburn football program, has pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery. He will serve at least three years in prison, nothing like the 21-years-to-life sentence he'd faced on the original charges. That brings to a close the… » 4/08/13 6:48pm 4/08/13 6:48pm

No One Is Reading The A-Rod Book

This is just cold: "As of Wednesday afternoon, the book ranked No. 2,904 on, where even James Frey's discredited memoir A Million Little Pieces- at 1,776 - is outselling it." Another "W" for Howard Rubenstein! [USA Today] » 6/11/09 10:15am 6/11/09 10:15am

Selena Roberts On Whitlock: "Perhaps There's A Little Homophobia There"

This week's Deadcast guest is Selena Roberts, the author of A-Rod and columnist for SI. Did you know Selena is the daughter of hoboes? It's true! » 5/20/09 11:00am 5/20/09 11:00am

A-Rod Book's Reviews: Do I Detect A Pattern Here?

The armchair Kakutanis of the world have weighed in on Selena Roberts' bildungsroman, and their verdict is a resounding "nay." This apparently has something to do with, you guessed it, the Duke lacrosse rape case. » 5/12/09 11:30am 5/12/09 11:30am

Clemens To Appear On "Mike And Mike" Tomorrow For A Friendly Chat About…

ESPN will announce that Roger Clemens is scheduled to be on tomorrow's "Mike and Mike" (around 8:25 a.m.) to, presumably, compare Selena Roberts' fact-finding ability to other author's works. It should be enlightening. » 5/11/09 4:50pm 5/11/09 4:50pm

Jason Whitlock Continues To Go After Selena Roberts

Jason Whitlock is mercilessly destroying Selena Roberts for her A-Rod book. First it was in his Kansas City Star column, calling her untrustworthy thanks to her Duke lacrosse coverage. Now, the Dan Patrick show... » 5/05/09 1:45pm 5/05/09 1:45pm

A-Rod's Book Is No "Marley And Me"

According to one NY Post reporter who appears to have gone to exactly four bookstores in the Manhattan area, the sales of "The Many Lives Of Alex Rodriguez" are a little slow. [NYP] » 5/05/09 11:00am 5/05/09 11:00am

Selena Roberts On Verge Of Becoming More Despised Than A-Rod

Selena Roberts' Alex Rodriguez tell-all finally hits the bookshelves today, but all the goodwill she received from her journalism colleagues after breaking the steroid story to end all steroid stories has completely vanished. » 5/04/09 1:30pm 5/04/09 1:30pm

Don't Forget Your Daily Dose Of A-Rod Media Overkill

You think you're sick of hearing about A-Rod now? You haven't seen anything yet. Selena Roberts' book A-Rod is set to be released tomorrow and the media outrage machine is just getting warmed up. » 5/03/09 6:00pm 5/03/09 6:00pm

A-Rod Is Serious About Dental Hygiene

You didn't think the NY Daily News would give up all their secrets did you? Sure, they leaked plenty of juicy details from "A-Rod": The Book yesterday, but there's more where that came from. » 5/01/09 10:10am 5/01/09 10:10am

Alex Rodriguez On Latest Rumors: "I'm Not Going There"

A-Rod played in an intrasquad scrimmage today (he homered!) and answered the charges leveled at him in the New York Daily News today. Oh, I'm sorry—refused to answer that charges. Yes, that's what I meant. » 4/30/09 5:00pm 4/30/09 5:00pm

Alex Rodriguez On Steroids Since High School?

Here we go. It's two weeks until Selena Roberts' book about Alex Rodriguez hits shelves, but the media blitz begins today with the New York Daily News taking the first look at the ugly details. » 4/30/09 9:30am 4/30/09 9:30am

More From Selena Roberts: "A-Rod's Worst Nightmare"

Roberts explains how she broke the Alex Rodriguez story: "He's probably upset with me and maybe he wants to divert the attention to the credibility of the article, which is not in dispute." [NY Observer] » 2/11/09 3:00pm 2/11/09 3:00pm

Is Selena Roberts A Crazy A-Rod Stalker?

You may have dozed off during Alex Rodriguez's excessively long ESPN interview, but did you catch that part where he accused Sports Illustrated's Selena Roberts of stalking him and his family? » 2/10/09 11:00am 2/10/09 11:00am