If You Don't Want To Watch A Guy Fuck A Snake, Here's A Description

A video file by the name of snakefucker.mp4 is making its way around Twitter today. As you can guess by its name, it's a video of a man apparently fucking a snake. If you want to watch the video—which, let's be clear, depicts what is almost certainly an illegal act of animal abuse—it is located here. If you don't want… »8/18/14 4:44pm8/18/14 4:44pm

Bear Grylls's Producer Got A Horrific Snake Bite (NSFW)

Professional adventure stager Bear Grylls tweeted this photo earlier today: "our man vs wild producer suffering from a brutal snake bite - fighting the injury with courage." You really don't want to see the rest of this photo. It is not worth your lunch. Just don't click after the jump, and you don't have to see it.… »4/30/13 12:30pm4/30/13 12:30pm

This Is Why You Should Have A Snake-Venom Kit With You In The Woods

Big Daddy Lawler is a fellow who hosts an outdoors show every Saturday morning on a radio station in Thomasville, Ala. On his Facebook wall yesterday, Big Daddy posted a story and a photo from a reader named Chad, who on Sunday had been bitten by a rattlesnake. We've cropped the photo above, but you can see it below. »4/26/13 3:21pm4/26/13 3:21pm

Kobe Bryant Hisses Like A Snake On The Court, According To Jordan Crawford

Yesterday's installment of Dan Le Batard's ESPN podcast featured a segment in which Le Batard is joined by Wizards guard Jordan Crawford. The ensuing conversation isn't anything special, save for this anecdote about Crawford's experience matching up against Kobe Bryant (transcription courtesy of DC Sports Bog): »2/08/13 3:55pm2/08/13 3:55pm

The PGA Tour Reminds Us Yet Again That South Carolina Is A Deathswamp

This video, of a big-ass alligator eating a big-ass snake, comes from yesterday's round one action in the PGA Championship, at Kiawah Island. NBD. Happens all the time. Back in April at the Heritage Classic in Hilton Head, the gators were actually threatening the caddies. Gator Golf is not nearly as much fun as … »8/10/12 1:05pm8/10/12 1:05pm

Mariotti Is Tired Of These Mother****ing Snakes In This Mother****ing Press Box!

Here's one thing we love about baseball: It doesn't matter how old you are; Little League, college, majors ... everything completely and utterly stops when someone sees a snake. You could be making millions of bucks; jaded, aloof, lawyered up and possibly juiced, and it doesn't matter. "Hey man, check it out! I heard… »3/14/07 12:45pm3/14/07 12:45pm