How "Seven Nation Army" Conquered The Sports World

The Euro 2012 semifinals kick off today, and 69 goals in, you might have noticed one fan chant being sung after every single one. How did an eminently chantable White Stripes ditty become soccer's universal goal celebration? This piece, originally published Jan. 13, 2012, has your answers. » 6/27/12 2:45pm 6/27/12 2:45pm

How The Song "Seven Nation Army" Conquered The Sports World

The march toward musical empire began on Oct. 22, 2003, in a bar in Milan, Italy, 4,300 miles away from Detroit. Fans of Club Brugge K.V., in town for their team's group-stage UEFA Champions League clash against European giant A.C. Milan, gathered to knock back some pre-match beers. Over a stereo blared seven notes: … » 1/13/12 3:23pm 1/13/12 3:23pm