FIFA ExCo Member Says Morocco Actually Won 2010 World Cup Vote

Officially, South Africa won the vote to host the 2010 World Cup 14-10. But according to allegations from a FIFA executive committee member, after conferring with his fellow voters, the tally was actually 13-11 in favor of Morocco, and some major bribes and shady vote-counting led FIFA to announce the fraudulent… » 6/08/15 12:32pm 6/08/15 12:32pm

Athletics South Africa Begs, Pleads For Mercy

No two ways about it, the governing body of track and field in South Africa has made itself into one big international boob. Nothing new there. But a recent lawsuit by a former athlete is threatening to take it to the cleaners, and Athletics South Africa, the country's governing body of sport, is begging the… » 9/20/14 10:19am 9/20/14 10:19am

Dude With Some Type Of Camera On His Head Gets Robbed At Gunpoint

A South African man recently strapped a camera on his head before heading out for a leisurely bike ride. While on this bike ride, the dude with a camera on his head was held up by three gun-wielding thugs who stole everything he had on him, save for the camera that he had for some reason strapped to his head. » 6/04/14 6:19pm 6/04/14 6:19pm

FIFA's Match-Fixing Investigation Staff Is Just Six People

FIFA, soccer's world governing body, has long struggled to police match-fixing, either because there's not much it can do, or because there's not much it wants to do. In the first part of a two-part series, The New York Times investigated allegations of match-fixing during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and… » 5/31/14 5:53pm 5/31/14 5:53pm

Oscar Pistorius "Wants To Get On With His Life," May Ask For Relaxed Bail Conditions

On Friday, Oscar Pistorius was freed on bail as he awaits trial for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Though the magistrate did not judge him a flight risk, despite offshore bank accounts and access to a home in Italy, he was required to turn in his passport, and to check in regularly with police. » 2/26/13 10:50am 2/26/13 10:50am

Oscar Pistorius's Brother Facing Charges Of "Culpable Homicide"

Oscar Pistorius's brother, Carl, was charged with culpable homicide in 2010 (or 2008, according to the AP) stemming from a car accident south of Johannesburg, in Vanderbijlpark. The charge was initially dropped and then recently reinstated. The news comes just days after it was uncovered that lead investigator Hilton… » 2/24/13 6:35pm 2/24/13 6:35pm