High School Umpire Orders Players To Stop Speaking Spanish

Gadsden (N.M.) High School is in a district where 97 percent of the students are Hispanic, so members of the Panthers baseball team are used to speaking to each other in Spanish. But in a game on Tuesday, they were told to cut it out by an umpire who threatened to eject anyone who spoke anything but English on the… »4/12/13 4:43pm4/12/13 4:43pm


How Do You Make Oregon's Offense Even More Colorful? Broadcast Them In Spanish

While American football still has plenty of inroads to make south of the border, its growing popularity can't be denied; there's a strong Mexican college football league featuring the best-named football team anywhere, ever, and Roger Goodell keeps nudging owners toward hosting a regular season NFL game in Mexico City. »9/04/12 4:10pm9/04/12 4:10pm