Steve Phillips And Brooke Hundley: A Romance Told Through Filthy Sexts

You can head over here and read the long version of the affair between then-ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips and then-ESPN production assistant Brooke Hundley. Or you can get a pretty good idea of their very brief romance by reading their text messages. As the full story points out, this was a mostly sexless sex… »6/06/13 12:53pm6/06/13 12:53pm


Karl Ravech Is In No Mood To Humor You, Steve Phillips

Sitting in the dangerously wet and windy confines of the centerfield Baseball Tonight perch for three hours, only to walk away empty handed with a six-inning tie, will sour anyone's night. So when a horrible ex-GM decides to run way out to left field for an ill-timed, poorly executed, and borderline nonsensical John… »10/28/08 8:15am10/28/08 8:15am

Harold Reynolds Contemplates Inappropriate Use Of His Hands Again

Harold Reynolds and Steve Phillips are two professional baseball guys who professionally talk about baseball for a living. One of them thinks the other one is an idiot and would maybe like to take the back of his hand and show that other one what's what. The place: The Tampa Bay ESPN 1040's "THE KILLER B'S" Marc… »10/27/08 3:00pm10/27/08 3:00pm