Other Than That, How Was The Movie? Lincoln, Reviewed.

1. The opening scene of Steven Spielberg's Lincoln will probably ring false to you and confirm your preconceptions of a sweeping, soft-focus, John Williams-scored Steven Spielberg film about Abraham Lincoln. It features Lincoln, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, visiting troops right before a fierce Civil War battle.… » 11/08/12 6:20pm 11/08/12 6:20pm

Beijing Olympics To Be Devoid Of Dramatic Closeups, Mechanical Sharks

Bad news for all those who actually watch the opening and closing ceremonies at the Summer Olympics; Steven Spielberg has dropped out as director at the Beijing Games. Or actually he was going to be the "artistic adviser," whatever that means. All I know is that now my dream of watching Dennis Weaver being chased by a… » 2/13/08 4:40pm 2/13/08 4:40pm