The IOC Eliminates Wrestling From The 2020 Olympics, For Some Reason

Yesterday, members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) convened in order to decide which of the 26 core Olympic sports would be dropped from the 2020 summer games in order to make room for the inclusion of a new sport. Everybody thought that the IOC was going to bring the axe down on modern pentathlon,… »2/12/13 10:20am2/12/13 10:20am

NBCmetrics: China Got 16 Fewer Olympic Medals Than The United States, And 1,594 Fewer Mentions In Primetime

We've been analyzing NBC's primetime Olympics coverage sort of the way we analyze SportsCenter in Bristolmetrics, breaking down what countries the Peacock is talking about, and which athletes are getting the most attention. Here's your final installment, with the grand totals. »8/14/12 5:12pm8/14/12 5:12pm

United States Wins Medal Count, Is The Best Country Ever At Sports

Well, it's official—the United States is the best country at a collection of regular sports and a whole bunch of random weirdo sports, as determined by an international competition staged every four years. America won both the gold (46) and overall (104) medal counts. These colors do not bleed, China. [Medal Count] »8/12/12 1:52pm8/12/12 1:52pm

South Korean Soccer Player Did Not Receive His Medal Because Of Politics

Park Jong-soo played all 90 minutes in South Korea's 2-0 win over Japan in Friday's bronze medal game. As he walked off the field he held up the sign you see, which apparently reads "Dokdo is our territory." The reference is to a group of islands between South Korea and Japan in waters (the Sea of Japan, or the East… »8/12/12 11:20am8/12/12 11:20am

Teddy Atlas And Bob Papa Kicked Out Of Boxing Arena; NBC Doesn't Really Care Because No One From The U.S. Is In Contention

The International Amateur Boxing Association claimed that NBC's announcers were "disturbing" the judges with their criticism and requested that organizers remove them from their ringside position. NBC was the only entity granted a ringside position and organizers politely suggested that maybe they take their… »8/11/12 4:00pm8/11/12 4:00pm

Jeneba Tarmoh Jobbed Again, Did Not Race In 4x100 Relay Final

Allyson Felix is having a great time in London. She won gold in "her baby," the 200m, and last night she was part of the relay team that took gold along with fellow star Carmelita Jeter. The only down moment for Felix came last Saturday, when she finished a disappointing fifth in the women's 100m. Carmelita Jeter won… »8/11/12 10:00am8/11/12 10:00am

USA Basketball: America Plays The Olympics In God Mode

There is something almost inherently unlikable about Team USA basketball. Our basketball heroes stand at the heart of the American attitude toward international competition—a belief system with a one-line catechism, "Are we winning?" and for which the Olympics is the most ecstatic of holy festivals. Thus NBC focuses… »8/10/12 12:45pm8/10/12 12:45pm