The Pittsburgh Paper's Solution For Shut Out Super Bowl Fans Is One Big …

Yesterday, an unsigned editorial ran in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, decrying the NFL's offer of compensation to those fans whose Super Bowl seats were unavailable, and demanding that the league pay them as much as $50,000 each. The editorial failed to mention that one of the people affected by the blunder, and would… » 2/09/11 11:05am 2/09/11 11:05am

A-Rod Gets Upset Over Popcorn Shot In Most A-Rod Way Possible

Believe it or not, Alex Rodriguez reportedly "went ballistic" after finding out that Fox ran this loving moment with girlfriend Cameron Diaz during the Super Bowl. He accused the cameraman of being "out to get them in a paparazzi-like shot," which, according to Bill Zwecker's source, is crazy because in-game celeb shots… » 2/08/11 2:00pm 2/08/11 2:00pm

Christina Aguilera Is An Anti-American Slut, According To Pro-American …

"I got so caught up in the moment of the song that I lost my place," Aguilera has explained about last night's blunder. "I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through." Sure, fair enough. Now let's check in with Real America. What follows is an… » 2/07/11 5:30pm 2/07/11 5:30pm

Counterpoint: But People Look Really Sad When They Can't Get Their…

This young cheesehead cried (video here, H/T reader Patrick) when he, along with 399 others, could not get into last night's Super Bowl. He cries for the others, young and old, left out in the Arlington cold. They will leave Super Bowl XLV with $2,400, tickets to next year's Super Bowl, and nothing. It's about the… » 2/07/11 1:46pm 2/07/11 1:46pm

Point: Those Fans Without Seats Are Being Whiny Babies

About 1250 fans ticketed for temporary seating areas found out before the game that, oops, the seats declared unsafe by the fire marshal. The NFL took good care of them though, to the point where the other 102,000 fans at the game ought to be jealous. » 2/07/11 1:45pm 2/07/11 1:45pm