Super-G Course "A Disaster," 18 Different Skiers Fail To Reach Finish

The ladies' super-G competition today in Sochi was a farce, with seven of the first eight competitors failing to reach the finish and a total of 18 registering DNFs on a terrible course covered with what can only generously be called "snow." » 2/15/14 8:49am 2/15/14 8:49am

Lindsey Vonn Was Airlifted From The Slope At The World Championships…

Lindsey Vonn, the 28-year-old American skier and Olympic gold medalist, was airlifted from the slope at the World Championships in Austria this morning after a hideous, sudden crash in the Super-G. Her injuries are still unclear, though the AP reports that it appeared to be her right knee. If fellow skier Tina Maze's… » 2/05/13 10:27am 2/05/13 10:27am