UK Fan With "National Champions" Tattoo Taking It As You'd Expect

Sometimes, as with Seahawks Guy, an optimistic tattoo turns out to be prophetic. Other times (most times?) it turns out like it did for Kentucky fan Tyler Black, who went and got this "2014 Nati9nal Champions" tattoo before the tournament. After UConn defeated UK last night, let's check back in with Black. » 4/08/14 9:05am 4/08/14 9:05am

Bucks Forward Larry Sanders Gets Misspelled Tattoo

Good news for Kevin Durant, he's no longer the only NBA player to have posted a picture of his misspelled tattoo to Instagram. Above is a picture of Milwaukee Bucks forward Larry Sanders's left hand. You'll notice that his tattoo artist did not obey the "I before E except after C" rule. » 8/26/13 10:28am 8/26/13 10:28am

Kevin Durant's Tattoo Might Not Have A Misspelled Word In It After All

Yesterday, we drew your attention to what looked like a misspelled word in Kevin Durant's massive back tattoo. The photo we shared seemed to offer incontrovertible evidence that someone had tattooed the word "mautre" instead of "mature" on KD's back. But now we have another picture of the tattoo, and man are our minds… » 5/23/13 10:51am 5/23/13 10:51am