Chip Kelly Thinks The NFL Is Wrong About Terrell Suggs's Hit On Sam Bradford

This morning, the NFL confirmed that Terrell Suggs’s semi-late hit on Sam Bradford was incorrectly called roughing the passer, despite the Eagles’ belief that Suggs was intentionally targeting Bradford’s surgically repaired knee. Now Chip Kelly says the NFL’s interpretation of the play was incorrect, and that the… »8/24/15 4:12pm8/24/15 4:12pm


Terrell Suggs Tells Skip Bayless He's "Graduated From Douchebag To Dirtbag" In First Take's ESPN Debut

Last year, Terrell Suggs called Skip Bayless a douchebag, a great TV moment that made up for what it lacked in verbal majesty with a certain frankness of expression. Today, First Take debuted its new half-hour live edition for ESPN. Apparently the suits in Bristol are so worked up about the show after the Rob Parker »2/07/13 5:03pm2/07/13 5:03pm

A Week After Court Filings Revealed Candace Williams's Claim That Terrell Suggs Punched Her And Dragged Her Alongside A Car, They Got Married

One week to the day. On Dec. 7, The Baltimore Sun obtained court documents filed by Candace Williams alleging that Terrell Suggs had "punched her in the neck and drove a car containing their two children at a 'high rate of speed' while she was being dragged alongside"; on Dec. 14—yesterday, three days after Williams… »12/15/12 3:45pm12/15/12 3:45pm

Brady Quinn Sounds Somewhat Bitter About Tebowmania

It's probably unfair that Brady Quinn's quotes are going to overshadow GQ's excellent oral history of a season of Tim Tebow, as told by teammates, opponents, front office men and more. But Tebow is a Broncos quarterback, and for the moment so is Quinn, and it's impossible to read some of these without picturing Quinn… »2/21/12 2:50pm2/21/12 2:50pm

Maryland Student Gets In Trouble For Showing His Ball So Hard University Pride

It's hard to blame this 12-year-old from Bel Air, Md., for wearing his Ball So Hard University sweatshirt to school earlier this week. BSHU is one of the more prestigious research institutions in the country, and either the kid has a sibling who goes there, or hopes to attend himself, or is just a big fan of BSHU's… »1/13/12 11:00am1/13/12 11:00am

Terrell Suggs Should Really Handle All Media Relations for The Ravens

Terrell Suggs caused a firestorm when he bragged about the Ravens D putting Rashard Mendenhal »10/23/08 6:15pm10/23/08 6:15pml on IR for the rest of the season and then confidently said that Hines Ward was next. Some argued that Suggs was just a little confused about what a bounty actually is; he didn't mean anything by it, he's just mouthing off…