Report: Terrorists Wanted To Hit Germany-Netherlands Match With 5-Bomb Attack

According to a report in German paper Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, the impetus for canceling Tuesday’s Germany-Netherlands soccer match was a specific threat, discovered by French authorities, that a terrorist group had targeted the event with a coordinated attack involving five bombs. »11/20/15 12:47pm11/20/15 12:47pm


Kurdish Racing Team Says It Has To Stop Running Because Of ISIS

A Kurdish-backed racing team who barely missed out on the podium at this year's 24 Hours of Dubai is having to call it quits for now due to the instability in the Middle East. Economic activity in Kurdistan has come to a halt due to threats from ISIS, and thus, the team's financial support has dried up. »3/04/15 3:20pm3/04/15 3:20pm

Charlie Hebdo Is France's Answer To South Park, Or Vice Versa

Most Americans woke up last Wednesday, scrolled through social media, learned of the Paris terrorist attack that left 12 dead, and, within minutes, had formed an opinion about a French satirical newspaper they'd never heard of. A consensus emerged: Charlie Hebdo (typical print run: 60,000) was an equal-opportunity… »1/15/15 11:29am1/15/15 11:29am

Russia Today Consults Security Expert Steven Seagal On Sochi Safety

Some security experts have suggested that with the eyes of the world on the Winter Games, terrorist elements could leave Sochi under siege. Indeed, with its location near contested Chechen territory, it's possible the world's athletes could be competing on deadly ground. With that in mind, the U.S. affiliate of cable… »2/08/14 9:00am2/08/14 9:00am

London Soldier Hacked To Death By Machete-Wielding Terrorists

A horrifying daytime attack by local terrorists armed with meat cleavers took the life of U.K. soldier Lee Rigby, who was butchered and left dead in the street in southeast London. The crazed killers shouted "Allahu Akbar" after completing their grisly crime and then demanded stunned passers-by take video. »5/22/13 3:30pm5/22/13 3:30pm