Punk And Irony Are Dead; Long Live The Hard Times

So there was that news report that went around a few weeks back, “Singer Billy Joel Quits Green Day.” (“The hardest decision I have ever made in my 65 years on this earth.”) Or the one the other day, “Punk Photographer Takes Every Middle Finger Personally.” (“They are all nice to me one minute and then treat me like… »4/22/15 11:33am4/22/15 11:33am

Map: Do You Live In IHOP America Or Waffle House America?

America might be a fast-food nation, but at least it's a rich, greasy tapestry of fast food. In-N-Out Burger is the jewel of the West Coast. Massachusetts seems to breed Dunkin' Donuts franchises the way it used to breed Kennedys. Oklahoma and Wyoming are the only states to have both Hardee's and Carl's Jr. We so… »5/31/13 4:10pm5/31/13 4:10pm

Stephen A. Smith Thought An Article About Him In The Onion Was Real

Earlier today, The Onion posted a rather harmless, totally fictional article entitled, "Stephen A. Smith Thinking Son Is Finally Ready For The Sex Argument." This wouldn't normally be news; but when Stephen A. Smith finds it, thinks it is a real article, and yells about it on Twitter? Yes, then it is news. »9/17/12 5:53pm9/17/12 5:53pm