Theo Walcott Just Scored The Fastest Goal Of The Premier League Season

Arsenal is playing Queens Park Rangers this afternoon in an important match for the Gunners. Just before kickoff, bitter rivals Spurs pulled ahead of Arsenal thanks to a late winner from the Premier League player of the year, Gareth Bale. Bale's goal made Arsenal's match against QPR a must-win contest. Theo Walcott… » 5/04/13 1:14pm 5/04/13 1:14pm

What Do Premier League Stars Read When They're Not Busy Not Reading?

It's time for the 2012 Premier League Reading Stars program, in which England's schoolkids are encouraged to read by professional athletes pretending to love books. To kick off the program, 20 Premier Leaguers—one from each club—were asked to name their favorite adult and children's books. The results are in, and it's… » 1/26/12 12:50pm 1/26/12 12:50pm

Theo Walcott Is A Published Author Of Children’s Literature

Inspired by the heroes in his favourite bedtime stories, Arsenal striker Theo Walcott, aged 9¾, has written a series of kids' books whose lead character is loosely based on the forward himself. » 11/09/10 10:55am 11/09/10 10:55am

Today In The Premiership...

Aston Villa 1-1 Tottenham. The day could've been so much worse for Juan Pablo Angel. Instead of missing the net on a penalty kick, three minutes later heading one into his goal, losing the game, and ending up in the trunk of a hooligan's car with his head wrapped in duct tape and his shoes on fire, he just missed… » 10/14/06 3:21pm 10/14/06 3:21pm

Today In The Premiership...

Reading 3-2 Middlesbrough. Give it up for Reading, the only team in the Premiership named after a railroad on the Monopoly board. They came back from a 2-0 deficit to win their first Premiership game, 3-2 over Middlesbrough. Boro scored twice in the opening 21 minutes, and it was all Reading from there. 'Boro's lucky… » 8/19/06 4:25pm 8/19/06 4:25pm