Your Tiger Woods Scandal Opportunist Of The Day: Spanktravision

This is the screen now greeting lonely businessmen in hotel rooms across America. Holly Sampson, you might remember, was the actress (MILF Bone 4, Suck It Dry 6, Matlock) into whom Tiger once sank his "perfect" teeth. [Wei Under Par] » 1/09/10 2:20pm 1/09/10 2:20pm

This Tiger Woods Thanksgiving Night/Plastic Surgery Email Is…

406-year-old former columnist Furman Bisher has kicked this goddamn Tiger email into overdrive. Even Perez Hilton is pushing it out there now. Take a look at how all of this started — and let's find the perpetrator, please. » 12/29/09 4:56pm 12/29/09 4:56pm