Deadspin Nature Moment: Right Now, There Is A Hawk Hunting Rats Outside The Office

Craggs came back in and said there was a hawk outside, looking at the rats. He was flustered, because Craggs does not do well with nature. People followed him out onto the fire escape and there it was, perched on the fire escape of the Bowery House hotel behind our building, right beside a mop hung up to dry: a… »1/08/13 5:00pm1/08/13 5:00pm

Only One Person Replied When The Sun Belt's Commissioner Asked For Phone Numbers On Twitter [UPDATE]

Well, he only got one reply that actually included a phone number, and we're too scared to call it, so he probably was too. On Wednesday, the Sun Belt announced a one-game suspension for Arkansas State linebacker Qushaun Lee for an illegal hit against Alcorn State during their Saturday game. The league said Lee… »9/29/12 12:20pm9/29/12 12:20pm