The Guerilla Super Bowl Documentary That Could Never Get Made Today

In 1976, a San Francisco video collective took some of the earliest portable cameras and descended on Miami for Super Bowl X. They produced one of the best, funniest, strangest, and most revealing football documentaries ever made. » 1/30/14 4:28pm 1/30/14 4:28pm

The Best Super Bowl Documentary You've Never Seen (Featuring Bill…

TVTV (Top Value Television), a group I co-founded, was a band of merry videomakers who, from 1972 to 1977, took the then-new portable video camera and went out to document the world. In those days, there were only three TV networks, using giant studio cameras, and no one had ever seen a portable camera stuck in their… » 2/02/13 10:15am 2/02/13 10:15am