The PR Guy From Some Ultimate Frisbee Team Knows You Saw Their Brief…

Professional ultimate frisbee is now a thing. The eight-team American Ultimate Disc League held its season opener last weekend, and the league is doing all it can to get the word out. This afternoon, we got an email from a PR guy with the Indianapolis AlleyCats, and while it's the standard sort of promotion that… » 4/19/12 5:10pm 4/19/12 5:10pm

The Unstoppable Frisbee Trick Shot Menace Has Finally Reached Quebec

Look, it's not the "greatest Frisbee catch in the history of Frisbee catches," but it is Frisbee trick shot expert Brodie Smith and some random people in Nordiques jerseys—OK, and one Maple Leafs fan—defy the laws of physics throughout the Colisée Pepsi, so there's that. » 4/12/12 10:15pm 4/12/12 10:15pm